7 Charging Mistakes that kill your Phone Battery

With time you’d notice that your iPhone battery performance diminishes and is not as operational as when it was first used. It is highly possible that your battery is being throttled gradually without obvious signs.

While it is highly necessary to keep your battery level steady by charging, the possibility of reducing your battery life drastically while charging is really high. So, if you’ve noticed that your power performance is getting lower and have probably wondered why this list of charging mistakes kill battery it that looks so harmless should explain what you are doing to kill your iPhone battery.

7 Charging Mistakes that kill your Phone Battery

Maintaining a full charge

If you probably think that keeping your battery level at a 100% would optimize your phone’s performance level; well, you might be right, but you are frying your battery gradually. Your iPhone will still function at a 30% level and give you the best performance. In fact, your battery is most comfortable between the 30%-80% level according to experts.

Now while we understand that the power situations in certain parts of the world are entirely inconsistent, you could go for an alternative power source like a power bank that would give your battery the surge it needs whenever needed. That way, you get less stressed when your battery level is below 100%, and you get to optimize your battery performance for a longer time.

Leaving your Phone case on while charging

We all know about the protection phone cases give your iPhone, but as much as it is the perfect blanket too for your phone, it could be a potential microwave oven for your iPhone while charging. Your phone emits heat when it is plugged in albeit in minute quantities and leaving your phone cases on traps the heat which goes back to your phone battery first. So, unless your phone is cold (which is not entirely possible), keep the case apart till the Phone is completely charged.

Using the wrong Charger

Thanks to Apple’s oversight and failure analysis, the iPhone chargers are designed to cut back power flow when the batteries are fully charged. Therefore, excessive charging is curtailed. So, when you use a third-party charger and not a charger designed for iPhones, you could be guilty of overcharging your iPhone and slowly cutting down the battery life longevity.

Overuse of your wireless charge

While your battery case comes in handy in different cases especially when you are in some emergency or on the road with no power outlets to plug in your phone, overuse increases the possibility of overheating. This is because the battery case emits heat and since it has been established that the iPhone radiates heat, the battery case traps the iPhone’s heat which, in subsequent quantities, increases the possibility of overheating.

The best thing to do is to alternate its use with any other power source like a power bank. This keeps the battery case and the phone apart for a while and still optimizes your battery performance.

Killing your phone and bringing it back to life

The iPhone is one interesting device. Sometimes, we get so engrossed in our iPhones that we forget that little ticking that says you need to cut back on using the device. If you put yourself in the battery’s place, you’d see those constant shutdowns would wear you down. Most Lithium-ion batteries are quite intolerant of continuous dropdowns, and constant drains cut down their half-life. It is really important to cut down the constant power drain.

Nevertheless, according to Apple, for calibration of the iPhone battery, you could allow a power drain in a month or two.

Storing your backup iPhone without leaving it charged

If you’re probably still holding on to your old iPhone as a backup for when an accident occurs with the new one, or you lose it, and you’ve left it uncharged since the new one is taking up your attention, you are killing that phone.
You see, when you leave an iPhone completely without charge for an extended period of time, it becomes so used to the power situation that it falls into what Apple calls the “deep discharge state.” This, of course, means that it is possible that when it is time to use the phone, the only way you get to power it and keep it on is by continually leaving it plugged in. Well, that’s probably going to be a nightmare. Avoid this by keeping your old phone fully charged or at least, half-charged.

Keep your baby cool

You see, iPhones and their batteries are quite intolerant of heat. You’d note that when your iPhone is overheated, its performance becomes lugged. Now while this is not necessarily a charging mistake, it sure is a way of keeping your battery forever young or at least quite functional till a new one is gotten. So, continually keeping your phone cool, increases its battery life and maximizes your phone’s performance.

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