5 Actionable Tips to Avoid Cellphone Battery Explosion

The lessons of 2016 are hard to ignore. Lithium ion batteries do explode, and it has been proven by Samsung, at a huge cost. Although the cause of the problems with the Samsung batteries has been identified as a manufacturing snafu, human error can trigger explosions. There was even a video of a Lithium-ion battery pack which exploded in one of the NASA laboratories. It was meant to be part of the development of a space satellite. The explosion caused some damage to the satellite and had to be repaired.

The following are ways to avoid battery explosions. These are easy to follow and are practically common sense actionable tips to prevent any untoward damage or injuries due to explosions.

1. Use brand name or OEM batteries

Original equipment manufacturers or OEM manufacture batteries for major brands. These are the third-party suppliers for batteries. As part of their business, they also supply parts for cell phone repair shops, as well as for cell phone battery replacements in electronics stores. When you buy a spare or replacement battery, make sure that you buy a recognized brand name or an OEM. The quality of batteries from these manufacturers are a lot better than no-name or third-party battery manufacturers.

2. Avoid damaging the battery

Even though the cell phone was designed to be tough and durable, there are still a lot of ways to damage the battery. These things include dropping the phone or otherwise damaging the battery by running a hard object through it.

The culprit in the battery explosion is a battery leak where the seal is damaged and opens. This causes the liquid electrolyte to leak out and comes in contact with hot or electrical battery elements. The heat acts as the trigger and the liquid acts as the accelerant. In such a situation, it can be both flammable and combustible. Sometimes it just takes a few seconds from the moment there’s an internal battery leak to the point that the cell phone explodes.

3. Use good quality chargers

One problem with low-quality chargers is that the power they provide may fluctuate, or are significantly over or under the battery recharging requirements. When you charge your phone with inferior chargers, you are inviting a lot of danger. For another, some chargers do not have proper markings about their power output. If there is too much power going through the USB cable, it might damage the battery or cause a fire. Inadequate power, on the other hand, damages the battery in the long term.

4. Don’t charge in hot weather

When charging the battery in hot weather conditions, or in a room which is too warm can cause it to overheat faster. Overheating is another cause of explosions. Even without an explosion, a battery pack may bulge or expand due to the heat generated by the charging. A bulging battery may still be used. However, it is a sign that the damage has started and is irreversible.

5. Do not bend your phone

When you place your battery in your back pocket, it may flex with the curve of your butt, or due to pressure from the seat. Either way, the cell phone body flexes. This flexing is not limited to the case, but also to the circuit board and the battery. The danger is when the battery flexes and develops a tear. This may lead to leaks of the battery electrolyte. This liquid is combustible and flammable and can explode when it causes a short circuit with the circuit board.

Exploding batteries are not limited to Lithium-ion batteries. The older nickel-based batteries were also notorious for catching fire. There have been instances of this with overheated batteries and has been a cause of concern. Although lithium ion batteries are supposed to be safer, the Samsung phone explosions of 2016 disproved this widely accepted safety belief.

When you are in need of a battery replacement, for a Samsung phone, for instance, you should get this from a reputable store or brand. A Samsung SGH-1500 standard battery can easily be purchased online if you need to. It is much better to spend a little bit more money to ensure a brand with a guarantee rather than a generic no-name brand battery.

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