Apple revealed why some iPhones randomly shuts down despite having battery life left


Apple iPhone 6 users have been complaining about unexpected phone shut down even when it still has ample batteries. There are even some who have expressed frustrations that might lead them to abandon their phones for a better one.

The battery issue has a two-pronged symptom where the battery shuts down even when it still has at least 10% to 15% battery left. Next is when the phone is connected to the charger after being drained; it somehow displays an unexplainable amount that could not have been through charging.

The cries of iPhone users have reached Apple, and they have revealed that the battery issue is due to a faulty batch of manufacturing. According to Apple, this is due to the batteries having too much air that causes early degradation resulting in a premature shutdown. “We found that a small number of iPhone 6s devices made in September and October 2015 contained a battery component that was exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it should have been before being assembled into battery packs. As a result, these batteries degrade faster than a normal battery and cause unexpected shutdowns to occur,” according to an official Apple statement. (n.d.). Retrieved from

The problem with the battery is different from the Samsung S7 problem. Their only similarity is that these are both battery problems.

There are still some who are not satisfied with the resolution Apple has provided and state that their phones are not part of the timeframe that they have provided but are experiencing the same issues. Here are two things that iPhone users should know before losing hope:

  • Recall:

You may check if your phone is part of the limited serial number that was produced between September and October 2015 by going to,  and input your serial number in the box.

One of the two scenarios found on the website is if you have verified that your phone is indeed part of this issue, you may visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple Retail Store, or you may contact Apple Technical Support for more information.

Your iPhone will be examined to determine if it is eligible for this program, call your service provider first to determine if the service is available or if they are participating in the program.

Before proceeding to the desired location, prepare your phone for the battery replacement process by backing up your data and erasing all content and settings.  First, connect your phone to iTunes, select backup your data, next turn off the Find My iPhone option, and lastly, to go to the General Tab to delete all content. Should there be any damage to the screen which is not associated with the battery issue, this has to be resolved first before processing for battery replacement.

  • Workaround. You can try to do workarounds before letting the Apple technical personnel check out your iPhone. When they find what is wrong with your phone, they will ask you if you want the matter handled immediately. That means that you would have to leave the iPhone with them. Be sure that you have backed up your data (or synchronized the data) by connecting it to iTunes for synchronization.

It’s quite easy to forget that you have information on your iPhone before turning it over to the repair personnel.

  • Battery Calibration

Battery calibration is a process where the phone gets realigned to the initial battery duration.  Deplete the battery by using it continuously until it shuts down, wait a couple of minutes before plugging it to a charger, let it charge to 100% and leave it on for at least another 60 to 90 minutes. This will allow the battery to recalibrate on its own.

  • Settings Check

If you notice that your battery usage percentage does not change, you may go to the General tab, select Date and Time, then set it to Automatically. This should update the battery percentage as your time and date change automatically.

  • iPhone Restore

If you experience the premature shutdown, you may perform an iPhone restore before thinking of replacing any hardware. You can do the restoration yourself by going to the General Tab and select the bottom option that says Reset, after which select the second option from the top that says Erase all Content and Settings. This will prompt your phone to set it up like a new device.

Before doing a restore to factory settings, remember that all your files and programs will be deleted. You have to backup every file, and app that you have on your cellphone.

The backup process makes use of synchronizing your iPhone to the cloud via iTunes. After the cell phone has been reset to factory settings, you can synchronize the contents back to the iPhone with the use of iTunes.

Battery technology keeps on improving due to the increasing demand. The demand comes from cellphone, tablets and other mobile devices, as well as from notebooks and laptops. When talking about technology, leading the improvements are automobile manufacturers. These two technologies may make use of different form factors. However, the aim is the same: to create new batteries which would last long, able to provide enough power when needed and preferably should not heat up beyond the normal range.

Batteries for mobile phones usually do not heat up even when the usage is high. However, during charging, the battery does produce a significant amount of heat.

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