5 Must Know Moves To Conserve Your Phone Battery

Smartphones have become an important part of our daily life, but their use and usage are dependent on the amount of battery power they can carry especially when one is far away from a power source.

It’s essential to know some of the hacks which can best help you maintain your smartphone battery health and at the same time keep it running for the longest possible time.

Here are 5 of the necessary steps to keep your phone battery in shape and have it serve you for the longest possible time should you find yourself in a bit of a fix.

1.    Turn off cellular data usage for some unwanted apps and features.

This is most useful when you’re trying to get the best out of your battery while on a journey or expecting an important call. This mainly involves you switching off your cellular data or most advisable if you cannot have that achieved based on one reason or the other, turn off data usage for some applications which are not immediately of use to you as these applications draw data which in turn impacts your battery.

On your phone, access the settings tab and click on the Cellular or Data Usage tab under which you will be able to turn off the cellular data access for specific apps on your device pending the time you can have it plugged in and charging.

2.    Obtain the premium version of apps:

As much as this suggestion sounds negative especially as you have to pay for the apps you love, trial or free version of applications impact the battery negatively as they are constantly connected to cellular data to refresh ads which mean it consumes more battery power than you can imagine. On the other hand, getting the premium or paid version of the application saves you the stress and connects only to notify you of possible updates. Staying away from the commercials and advertisements is one of the chief ways of conserving the battery power on your phone.

3.    Avoid Using your smartphone while charging:

This is probably one of the difficult tasks on the list as there are several updates coming in by the second and it is quite understandable that you want to keep abreast of situations, but it is great for your phone battery that you allow it charge the proper way.

This is one of the main reasons by phone manufacturers make their charging cables short which means they are aiming at discouraging you from using your device while you charge.

The sad truth is that charging and using your device simultaneously spoils your phone battery by reducing the battery life gradually to a large extent. This can particularly be a problem for users of non-removable battery phones.

4.    Make use of the Low power mode:

The low power mode on your phone is there for a reason and in cases where you need to consume the last drop of your phone’s battery for productivity; this mode can come in handy for the best possible battery life extension. You need not panic when you’re far away from a power source, and your phone battery is signaling on the low end, ensure to make use of the Low Power mode which can be accessed in the Settings tab of your iPhone.

Under the settings tab, navigate to the Battery option and click on the Low Power Mode option to toggle it on. Alternatively, you can have Siri do this for you

5.    Apps Notification Isn’t necessary for all apps\

This is particularly true as apps notification isn’t the most necessary alert for some apps which are not used on an everyday basis. In line with conserving your battery, keep applications which are not mostly important off on the notification panel which means, put off their notification feature. This can be achieved under the settings icon. Or in other cases, a long press on the application should bring some options related to the application, here, navigate to the Show Notification option and toggle it off.

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