How to Save Battery on iPhone 7

How to Save Battery on iPhone 7

While Apple’s iOS 7’s operating system gets you optimal and smoother system performance for your iPhone, you’d note that the battery runs out with an alarming speed whenever you switch on the phone. Below are seven tips how to save battery on iPhone 7.

Is it frustrating to keep plugging in on your phone all the time right? Well, with a few tweaks to your iPhone’s features, you can get the best out of your battery while keeping the iOS 7 from throttling your battery all the time.

7 Tips How to Save Battery on iPhone 7

Vet your Location Services

You’d note that when you installed some apps like Facebook or Twitter, you were asked for permissions to track your locations. Well, these apps merely drain the life out of your battery faster than you expect when they are running. Now, while you might have noted that running these apps hog your battery, you probably haven’t noticed that there is a bucket load of location tracking services sitting in your settings that fights for your battery’s attention.

track your locations

You might never really know which it is, so the best thing to do is to go straight to your “Settings,” tap “Privacy” and click on the “Location Services” options. Scroll straight down to “System Services” and disable any option you deem unnecessary like the “Frequent Locations” or the “Popular Near Me” feature. You can also disable any app that you barely use to lessen the load on your system upon start-up.

Disable Background App Refresh

The second tip from this how to save battery on iPhone 7 is to disable background app refresh. This feature has various apps run in the background and clamor for your battery’s attention while you multitask. It keeps the contents of the apps refreshed while you are on another app. The iOS 7 system has it, by default, switched on.

Background App Refresh

So, to fix this mini-challenge, go to “Settings,” tap on “General,” scroll to “Background App Refresh”. Disable the feature and no app gets automatically refreshed or if you still want specific apps to keep refreshing, disable the apps you don’t need on a daily basis.

The Parallax Feature

You remember that parallax feature introduced by the IOS 7 makes your wallpaper move behind your app, well, it has to go. Imagine when someone shakes you for too long, you start getting tired right? So, you see, if you want to keep your battery level stable for a little longer, you have to understand that your battery is a little motion sensitive. Just keep on a stable wallpaper that would still beautify your phone and kick off those moving images. Your battery needs that stability.

To do so, tap the “Accessibility” menu in your phone “Settings” and toggle on the “Reduce Motion” option.


The mini detective. I can’t emphasize how important this feature is, especially with how productivity just got better and more comfortable with this feature. However, this digital assistant of ours claws at our battery and kills it slowly by indexing new data. You might have to let go of this feature entirely or at least keep its data indexing partial.

Spotlight Search

With this, you have to go to the “General menu” in the phone settings, tap the “Spotlight Search” and go through the list of apps to disable which you don’t need spotlight’s help.

Tone down the Screen Brightness

Do you know that the Auto-Brightness feature in your iPhone means that it is quite sensitive to light right? The light sensor on the front of your phone judges how bright your screen needs to be. However this feature has helped you, you should know that it kills your battery slowly.

Screen Brightness

Control this feature by going straight to “Wallpapers &Brightness” on the phone “Settings”. Disable the “Auto-Brightness” feature and manually reset your screen brightness.

Automatic App Updates

Another how to save battery on iPhone 7 tips is disabling automatic app updates. Just because your iPhone’s iOS 7 is very smart, it helps you update or download any app upgrades available without you having to visit the app store. Now while it saves you that time you probably don’t have, our mini assistant is entirely power hungry. It drains your battery fast. So, if you don’t like keeping your phone plugged in all day, it’s best you disable it.

Automatic App Updates

Do that by going the “iTunes and Apple Store” menu in your Phone settings to disable “Updates” option.

Say Bye-Bye to AirDrop

Since your AirDrop feature introduced by the iOS 7helps you share data and files with others on similar networks, it is as essential as the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The problem is that you have no control over the amount of battery power it drains. So, if you are not using it at the moment, close it, and your battery will be sure to say thank-you at the end of the day. To do this, swipe to the Control center and toggle off the switch.

You should also turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings if you’re not using them before you leave to maximize your battery life.


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