Repairing Your Mobile Devices Can be The Best Option

You should mull over this decision of whether you want to repair your phone yourself or whether you would rather approach a certified technician. To begin with, you may lack the skill and the expertise, let alone the knowledge, required for repairing any electronic device. In addition, you stand to inflict more damage on your phone and even possibly to yourself as you cannot really be sure on how the electronic device is going to behave when you pry it open.

Considering that you decide to do it yourself, it only makes sense that you get yourself acclimatised to the kind of work entailed in this regard. It can be really tough forcing Smartphone Repair New York apart, especially since all components of a device are so tightly wound together. There might even be some that are easy to open, but that may not be the general observation. The complication of prying open a phone and then understanding the mechanics and applying them to practice is why people generally feel it is better to approach a certified technician than to repair yourself. However, if you are adept in the technological world and can find information easily, it would not be that difficult to find out information about repairing.


Always use the right tools

It is always about the right tools. Your expertise and your experience notwithstanding, if you don’t have the right tools to function with, you won’t be able to succeed in what you’re trying to achieve. These tools will help you solve the problem efficaciously. For example, you cannot just willy-nilly open the latest iPhones or MacBook Airs; you need a special kind of screwdriver to open them.

It would go without saying that you would need a set of screwdrivers to work with. The myriad of tiny screws and their variety found in phones will mandate usage of different kinds of screwdrivers. As stated above, iPhones are a little different from all the other kinds – so, if you’re planning to repair an Cell Phone Repair New York, you would have to get a speciality screw head. This may as well be by design to ensure that customers do not self-repair. However, you have to keep in mind what is best for you financially. Even the wrong pair of screwdrivers could end up damaging your phone even more. Hence, the right set of screwdrivers is very important.

There are various standard screwdrivers that you could choose from – Torx, Phillips, tri-wing to name a few. You could also research information about the Universal Smart Phone Tool Kit that may entail everything you may require in the repairing of your phone. There are various resources online that you could use to gain knowledge from or to order the tools that you need. iFixit is one such source of tools for purchase. If that does not work or if you can’t find your tools on that website, you could always try and look on Amazon and eBay.


Isopropyl Alcohol

Here are two words that will add to your knowledge exponentially in regards to mobile repairing – Isopropyl Alcohol. Is your device damaged by water? Well, this is the magic solution to your problem. The first obvious thing to do if your device is damaged by water is to throw or immerse the powered down device in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours. You might already have heard about this; rice is good at absorbing moisture from the atmosphere which will help your phone dry off relatively well as compared to other means of doing so. When you open the device, you could use an anti-static brush alongwith some isopropyl alcohol to ensure all the connections are cleaned properly. The benefit of this is that it helps the dissipation of water and would ensure no corrosion marks on any of the electronic components. This alcohol is known to be non conductive and it also evaporates very fast. It may also happen that the phone will still not power on even despite these many measures. At such a stage, inspect the phone’s battery or try replacing it altogether to ensure no damage has been done there.


Suction Cup

This is particularly beneficial for the latest iPhones from Apple, roughly the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and the like. Apple has allowed the screens of these phones to be pulled up and away from the phone. This facilitates swapping the screen quickly; roughly 3 minutes. This is where the suction cup is of the greatest help. Apple phones need delicate care to begin with and any more damage to the phone, especially when trying to repair it would be unforgivable.

Do keep in mind that you might get any kind of suction cup with a tool kit package. However, that may not be the optimal tool to use for this kind of operation. It is better to have the optimal tool for this operation, especially if you are expecting a lot of this kind of damage to your phone or even if you plan on starting a business in this line. In addition, do remember that tweezers are also important – you would be working with a myriad of small screws and all of them may not magnetized.


Digitizer separator machine

This may be pegged to be the tricky part of the repairing business. Technically, anyone eligible enough to operate a screwdriver will be able to work with this machine. However, the actual practised skill comes into play in this when the screen and the screen alone needs to be replaced. To swap a shattered glass with a replacement or a new one is where the skill will count. As a business owner, you may be interested to know that this is where the highest risk lies. At the same time, this is also where the highest profit lies. This particular operation may not be successful the first time around. It is hence better to practise this a little. If you’re planning to repair your own phone and that would just be a one off incident, this may not be the right choice of operation for you.

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