How to Get More Storage on your iPhone

How to Get More Storage on your iPhone in 30 seconds

It can be quite frustrating when you probably want to download an app, capture captivating moment or even record a video and then you whip out your iPhone and it tells you that there is no storage space left. Are you curious how to get more storage on your iphone? Here are some tips how to clear storage on iPhone.

While this is not just limited to the older 16GB iPhones, you’d note that even on your 256GB iPhone, that notification just pops up just when you least expect it and you’re left with the arduous task of fishing out the culprit or picking out which app or media file to let go of.

So, especially when short on time, it is understood that any tip on how to get more storage on your iPhone. Therefore, we’ve assembled a few tips and tricks that could help you to how to clear storage on iPhone in less than one minute.

How to Get More Storage on your iPhone

Let go of Old Voicemails

Except when it is exceptionally important, keeping old voicemails never helps your storage space. So, simply keep your phone free from old voicemail messages by going to the “Edit” option in the “Voicemail” settings of the phone. Simply tap on “Delete” after you’ve picked out the old voicemails listed.Voicemail

Don’t forget to click on the “Clear All” option in the “Deleted Messages” panel in the phone settings. That way, they are completely off your phone.

Automatically delete old text messages

Here is very effective tip in how to buy more storage on iphone, by automatically deleting old text messages. It gets to a point where old text messages become irrelevant and keeping them on your phone eats up your storage space which you probably don’t know. Sometimes, they are just so many that deleting them one after the other might take up that time you really don’t have.

Simply allow your phone do the work by going to your tapping on the “Message” option in your phone settings. You’d note a “Keep Messages” option which after tapping will help automatically delete your messages after you stipulate the time you want the messages around. This means that in 2 seconds, the old messages are gone (if that is how long you set them to be kept)

Delete Podcasts that had proved their worth

Another tips in how to increase iphone storage capacity is by deleting podcasts that had proved their worth. Now, getting to let go of podcasts can be really difficult especially when you like them on your phone. You see, podcasts are one of the strongest contenders for your memory space since each practically runs at about 25 MBs. Yes, that’s a whole lot of space especially when you are an avid collector. Simply go to “Settings”, tap on “Podcasts” and “Delete Played Episodes” and off they go.

Delete the browser cache

It is highly possible that your Safari is the culprit if you especially use the browser. You’d note that when you need to use Safari, your browsing history easily appears or when you type in a word, it gives you a wide variety of similar words.

Delete the browser cache(c) wikihow

Well, Safari stores up a lot of browsing data and web-history which occupies more space than imagined. Simply allow your phone give up that space by gong to “Clear History” in the “Safari” option in the phone settings.

Let’s go to the Photos

You probably still keep your original photos around despite being duplicated with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos. Here’s the thing, you are willingly giving up your storage space for a low-quality photo. Do you really want to know how to get more storage on your iphone? Let them go willingly since your phone automatically stores up the HDR versions. You can set your phone to let go of the Normal Picture automatically by tapping “Photos and Camera” in the phone settings. Then, tap the “Keep Normal Photos” switch and you phone never gets the original pictures saved.

Still on the Photos

You do know that Photo Stream comes in handy when you need to combine a lot pictures from all other synced devices with the Photos on your phone and while this is the perfect demo of an actual album, your storage space is in deep trouble. Leave the other photos in their devices by switching off the “Photo Stream” option in the “Photos and Camera” settings.

Let go of the extra Instagram Photos

Your Instagram Photos get automatically saved on your phone which surreptitiously creates a full album of probably irrelevant duplicates and take up your space. Let them go if you really want to clear storage on iPhone, an army of extraneous photos should not matter to you. Just tap the “Edit” option in the “Photos” and click on the “Delete the Instagram photo album” key and they are all gone.

You can also stop your phone from automatically saving up the Instagram Photos by going to the “Instagram” app, clicking on “Your profile”. You’d see “Options”, tap and unselect the “Save Original Photos” option.

Leave the Offline Data out

You’ve probably saved up some playlists from your Apple Music app for offline listening but you should know that they can take up your storage space. If you’re in dire of storage spaces, just unselect the “Available Offline” option from any of the playlist. There you have it.

There’s always the possibility of hardware issues or problem. If it keeps slowing down for no reason, bring your phone to a cell phone repair shop. The technicians there can run diagnostics on your phone to find out what is wrong.

How to Get More Storage on your iPhone in 30 seconds
How to Get More Storage on your iPhone in 30 seconds
How to get more storage on your iPhone? Therefore, we’ve assembled a few tips and tricks that could help you to how to clear storage on iPhone in less than one minute.