Best Options for Fixing iPhone Screens

iphone repairsUnfortunately, it is all too easy to crack the screen on your iPhone. Sometimes, cracks are small and easy to ignore; however, if cracks are large and prevent use of the phone or present a safety hazard, seeking repair is the only choice. If you need to repair a broken iPhone screen, you have several options according to your warranty coverage.

If your iPhone screen breaks, your standard device warranty is not likely to cover the repair. If you spent the extra money on an extended AppleCare warranty, contact Apple directly to inquire about a repair. Be aware that any repairs to your phone that are undertaken by a non-Apple technician void your entire Apple warranty. If you do not have AppleCare, check with your phone carrier to see if you have insurance on your iPhone. Typically, this also requires additional investment on your part at the time you buy the phone.

If your phone is completely out of warranty, you still have a few options. For one, consider not fixing the phone altogether if you are near the expiration of a contract and due for an upgrade. If you want to have your phone repaired, you must choose between doing it yourself and paying for the repairs. If you are confident in your abilities, the Internet is full of repair guides and stores that sell the necessary equipment. If you prefer to have a trained and experienced technician perform the repair, contact a service.

When your iPhone screen breaks, you need to check a few different things. First, determine whether your phone is under warranty, whether from Apple or your phone carrier. If not, consider whether or not you are capable of the repair yourself. If you are like most people, paying a skilled technician to do the job is the best idea.

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