5 Phone Hacks To Better Your Mobile Experience

Smartphones have come to stay as a part of our day to day living, and it is with this that there have been several tips, tricks, and hacks to explore the functionality of the smartphone better to get the best possible mileage off it.

However, it is important to note that the best time to explore your smartphone is now as the world is fast evolving, the smartphone has become a financial, entertainment, informative and communication hub which can be maximized to its full potential when one knows how to work his or her way around it.

These tips are meant to give you a heladstart in getting the best out of your mobile experience.


1. Record Clear Audio files

Recording sound or video in a noisy place can be a really bad thing especially when you have to playback, and all the good stuff is lost in the background noise. However, there could be a simple way no navigate and circumvent this for the best possible audio experience given the situation. To get the best possible audio quality out of your device in a  rather noisy environment, say a carnival or party, use your hand to cover the microphone portion of your phone. Alternatively, you could use a cotton base, thin material to achieve this goal.


2. Explore Your earphone when snapping:

Have you ever been in a situation where the right angle of capture is far away from the shutter icon on your phone and have to redress to a less accurate angle?, well, you can employ the use of your earphones as the audio rocker on it can perform just the same functions as that of your volume rockers. Which means you can use your earphones to click on the shutter icon while taking great shots at the best possible angle.


3. Get the best off your camera

You should not be limited to the functionality provided by your stock camera as there are millions of apps out there which can make your camera deliver much more than you already have. In this vein, get apps which are capable of enhancing your camera experience through filters and added on features which will make your snaps more beautiful than you never imagined.

4. Need a Clone? Here’s how

Your smartphone camera is capable of a whole lot just if you snoop around well enough. To make a clone of yourself in a photo, simply set your smartphone camera into the panorama mode and have someone hold the phone in place while you take position at one edge, once the shot is taken, quickly switch position to the other edge of the camera angle while taking note not to pass in front of the camera.

5. This is probably not the most interesting hobby to take up while playing a shooting range game but your selfie stick can come in handy especially when you’re dodging someone whom you’ll love to steer clear of. Your selfie stick and your smartphone combo can be used to peek around edges to check for safe coasts before stepping out to save you from walking right into someone or a group of persons you’ll rather avoid.

3 Cool Android Hacks You Can Perform Without Rooting Your Phone

There are a lot of hacks on your Android phone that requires you gaining root access to your device but this violates your warranty, and therefore it is understandable why several people shy away from doing this. However, without rooting your smartphone or damaging the warranty, some other hacks could make your smartphone a bit friendlier and easier to handle, if you’re scared of voiding your warranty, these hacks are just your thing.

1.    Remotely Lock Your Mobile Phone

Won’t it be cool to lock your mobile phone remotely say after you forgot it somewhere and would love to keep prying eyes away? Well, this is a cool hack that might come in handy someday, especially if and when your phone is lying in unsafe hands. To do this, you will need an Android Device Manager which will help you take back control of your device should it be stolen or in unsafe hands. You can go as far as wiping all data, sensitive or not from your device using the device manager.

The simple key is to enable your lock screen setting to keep people away from your data and files.

2.    Security Bypass made easy

Getting your phone to trust a particular network is as easy as a click, but it is mostly unsafe to have your phone trust a public network which is susceptible to hacks. In the same way, you can use this particular set up in getting into your home device although the process varies according to the device. However, the standard procedure involves you setting a PIN Code to establish a secure unlock method.

Once the secure unlock method has been set, most preferably, a PIN Code, access the SmartLock and enter your PIN Code then tap on the Trusted Places tab then add a trusted location which allows you use your device in that particular unsafe place without having to unlock your phone again.

3.    Voice Call Recording

It’s pretty cool to have someone’s voice on tape especially when they are not a fan of voice noted and are saying some kind of cool things about you that you’ll love to keep other times, it could serve as the only method to vindicate yourself. In that case, your smartphone can afford you the opportunity to record a voice call for posterity reasons. There are applications in the app store which provide this function and allows you to document voice calls accurately. The cool and best thing is you don’t have to root your phone to do this.

10 Cellphone Hacks You Should Know In Your 20

Cell phone hacks have become mostly essential in helping us get the best mileage out if our dear phones, and if you’re in your twenties which is the prime days, of transitioning and fun before the real life begins, you might want to get the best out of every moment using your phone and the features it offers.

Here are some of the phone hacks you will find truly interesting and helpful in your everyday life.

1.    Your cash and identity cards are important and must be kept safe at all times, I’m sure you know this hence no need to repeat it but notice how you handle your smartphone with greater care?, why not just handle it all at once by keeping your ID cards and cash in your phone case. This is simple, place your ID, credit card, gift cards or whatever under the back panel of your phone case, and you’re good to go.

2.  Going to the games or somewhere that might potentially soil your phone? The farm maybe? Then all you need do is get a plastic bag to house your phone. One great advantage of this is that you get to press your phone as it will still be responsive while keeping it away from dirt, sweat or whatever contaminant. I bet you never tried this before.

3.    Feeling a little pre-emptive? Have your phone background changed to your contact details and be sure to include your emergency contact just in case you are involved in an accident, or it gets lost. This will go a long way in helping you get your device back or reaching your family in cases of emergency.

4.    While traveling, screenshot your travel direction and place cellular data off to conserve battery and save you from being stranded at an unknown location. This will particularly come in handy when you’re visiting a place for the first time.

5.    Your phone camera can come in handy when trying to park your car in a busy location especially for persons suffering from car parking amnesia. Make use of your phone camera to snap yourself or your car along with the nearest landmark to save you the stress of looking for your car when done shopping or at a meeting.

6.    When charging your phone, it is better to keep it on Airplane mode for faster charging. Resist the urge of using your phone while charging it as it causes major damages to your battery health. This is one of the primary reasons why your smartphone manufacturer did not give you a mile long charging cable.

7.    Save battery on your device by switching cellular access of some applications off. Most often than not, applications which aren’t much needed are the culprits in draining batteries, and this may be one of the main steps to keep your battery for as long as possible especially when you’re far from a charging dock or power source.

8.    Looking to take great action shots? Then hold and press the shutter button on your phone which allows multiple snapshots, and you get to choose which ones better capture the moment you want.

9.    Want to take an all-encompassing photo, but you don’t have a selfie stick, or it has been banned? You could as well use the volume rocker on your smartphone. It comes in handy.

10.    Use your front camera for softer photos and the rear camera for a sharper and more detailed photo.


A roundup of digital personal assistants (Amazon Echo, etc.)

With the introduction last year of Google Now and Amazon Alexa, the concept of the digital personal assistant has made artificial intelligence mainstream. AI has one of the biggest things concerning today’s digital world. It is not just something that you can use with your smartphone; it can also be used with other digital devices.

Today’s digital personal assistants are voice activated and controlled. You can talk to them, and interact mostly by voice commands. There are a lot more already deployed in the market, and even more coming up the pipeline. The following are just five of the most popular or most easily recognizable digital personal assistants available either as a part of a digital appliance or the smartphone.

1. Apple Siri

Released in 2011, the Apple Siri created quite a stir at its introduction. Due to the popularity of the Apple devices which runs Siri, this was the point when AI became mainstream. People wanted to try it. Siri is a vital part of iOS 5. The iPhone 4S and third-generation iPads have carried Siri. All mobile Apple hardware manufactured from October 2012 onward support Siri. It is also now available on Apple TV and Apple Watch. Some cars with Car Play also has Siri enabled.

Siri uses the Apple infrastructure along with a person’s web habits, language usage and voice to create a personal experience. When asking help from Siri, it would take into account these factors to give a custom answer. If you ask Siri, it can also give you the health of the Apple mobile device, including the iPod battery level.

There are indications that an app will be released soon which can report a broken iPod screen. In which case, it would be nagging the user to fix the cracked iPod screen.

2. Amazon Alexa

Alexa was developed by Amazon and is included in the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. Like other voice activated AI, Alexa is capable of being integrated with other appliances, in this case, it integrates via Echo and Echo Dot.

Alexa is activated by either the use of the awake word or in some mobile devices, by pressing a button. Users interact via voice, not only to control other devices but also to answer queries, or access other device features.

Alexa was introduced in 2014, and since then it has added more functionality with the release of compatible smart home appliances. The Amazon Echo is the point of entry for Alexa. The wake word is used, and Echo and Echo Dot turn to listening mode. While listening in, it processes the words it hears and answers queries when these are addressed to it. There have been some concern that the listening mode can be used to record conversations, and in fact, a criminal case has cropped up where the Alexa unit was thought to have captured the conversation before the death of the victim.

3. Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is a powerful tool from Microsoft. It first came with Windows 8, and it was meant to be used as a digital personal assistant to help organize your work or life. The AI was named after an AI character from the video game Halo. Among other things, Cortana makes use of a virtual notebook to keep track of the user. It aims to know everything about the user, to provide the proper answers. You can talk to Cortana, or you can also input text via the keyboard. Since it was first released, the landscape has also changed.

Microsoft has a renewed marketing attack on the tablet and notebook front. Also, Android has overtaken Windows as the most used operating system to browse the internet. There is also the small matter of Microsoft dropping its cell phone manufacturing, as it sold the Nokia cell phone line in 2016.

Among the various apps, it can be said that Microsoft took the time to integrate Cortana with a whole slew of Microsoft apps, including messaging, calendar, notes, alarms and reminders. Cortana can be expected to lead the charge in creating a dominating personal AI.

4. Google Now

Among the various digital personal assistant, Google Now is the one which people may think to be the most obtrusive. This may be true or not, as Google Now depends heavily on personal internet usage. It may be said that among the digital personal assistants, Google Now uses data in the most imaginative manner, it has been doing the same thing with user’s data for Google’s purposes. Google Now can show what the data looks like as you show it through its paces.

The way Google Now is structured, it makes use of data pulled from the mobile device and the user’s other Google accounts. This is already stored in a server, and the AI pulls up the data and messages it to come up with answers to queries based on the large volume of information.

5. Blackberry Assistant

The Blackberry Assistant was introduced with the Blackberry 10.3 operating system. You can use voice commands, as well as the Blackberry device’s keyboards. Like all the rest of the competition, this is aimed at improving the user experience on the Blackberry. What is different though is that it may not have made enough of an impact to save Blackberry. It has been out from the public eye for some time now, and even an outstanding Blackberry Assistant may not be enough to make up for dismal sales.

People who buy Blackberry devices like the device, regardless of the AI. This is one thing that has been proven for most operating systems.

Best grown-up games you can play on your smartphone

There are plenty of games available on Android and iOS. Every year brings a new crop of games. The challenge is to find a game which is challenging for an adult, at the same time compelling enough to go through. There is no need to mention killer games like Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, or Candy Crush. There are games which are more cerebral, at the same time require an adept hand on the screen. There are instances where you wonder if you need a longer battery life, and ask yourself if you need an iPod battery replacement. That is how compelling these games can be, and you just cannot stop playing them.

The following are some of the most challenging games an adult should try out on Android and iOS.

1. Real Myst. This is the iconic game from the 1990s as it was migrated to the smartphone. Intelligently developed, it is a puzzle within a puzzle. The spirit of the original game has been preserved, and it now enjoys a new generation of fans and followers.

2. The Room Three. This is a game with very detailed graphics. A room based puzzler, you are allowed to search through your environment for clues on how to solve the different puzzles. The Room Three is much larger than its predecessors, making it more challenging.

3. Fallout Shelter. The game has a post-apocalyptic premise. How do you survive in a fallout shelter when the nuclear holocaust arrives. To make things more interesting, you have other characters in your shelter, and monsters outside. Gameplay is like a side scrolling, and this allows you to see what’s outside the shelter. Though that is not much help.

4. Wordbrain. A word based puzzle game. Like other letter and word building game, this one gets harder and harder as you advance in levels. There are clues in the words that you find. Simple to learn, but gets to be very challenging pretty fast.

5. Sim City Build It. Sim City always has an appeal for adults. There is always a variable you have to uncover and consider. For more than 25 years, Sim City has been an engrossing game, which has spawned a lot of derivatives. The gameplay has been updated, and the user interface just fits a mobile device. This is the right way to migrate a successful game from a PC to a mobile device.

6 Lara Croft Go. This is where the Lara Croft franchise meets Hitman Go. The mash-up is vaguely reminiscent of the traditional Lara Croft games. There are some challenging puzzles that need to be solved, which has made this less of a shooter than anything else. The first few generations of Lara Croft were not so dependent on her weapons, compared to the puzzle solving skills needed to move to the next level. As expected, the gameplay gets harder, the more you progress in the game.

7. Bad Piggies. This is a spin-off of Angry Birds, but with a twist. It is more of an engineering and physics problem, and you have to learn the rules along the way. You are given the task to construct a vehicle which will reach a certain goal. To get to the goal, it has to pass through certain hurdles. Considering these hurdles, you start off and create your vehicle. It is never as easy as it seems. Sometimes it is almost too easy, with the vehicle disintegrating on the way to the finish line.

8. Monument Valley. This is one game which would leave fans of M.C. Escher in awe. This is a puzzle game where the object is to lead the character Princess Ida through mazes, puzzles and optical illusions. It is surreal and fun at the same time. It can also be frustrating. The graphics is gloriously minimalist but can be captured with the use of filters. The graphics are great enough that you would want to use them as your desktop background.

9. Super Hexagon. The best asset about this game is that it is minimalist. Second is the score. It looks a lot easier than it does. The gameplay is deceptive, and it takes some time to master the moves. This is a shape-based avoidance game, and the shapes can be mesmerizing to watch, especially with the background music haunting your every move. The music does justice to the minimalist nature of the game.

10. Lifeline. This is a text-based game, which is more of a throwback to the 1980′s Zork and choose-your-own-adventure books. What makes this a compelling game is a story itself, as well as the writing. It starts out as a plea for help, and you end up in an adventure into the unknown. This is not just a text-based adventure game; it also has some time sensitivities thrown in. That’s the surprise for a lot of players. Choices have to be made, and there are consequences for these choices. The text-based style of play is very deceptive, as it seems that you can relax and take all day to do this. It never works out that way.

Games on Android and iOS differ slightly from one another. In much the same way that the gameplay is preserved between these two operating systems. It is exciting to note that most of the popular games have unique value propositions, high-interest value, and compelling stories which keep you moving forward to the next level. Addictive may be a strong word, but it works for most of these games that you would be asking yourself, where can I get my iPod fixed, even as you solve ever challenging puzzles.

New vs. pre-owned phone: what’s right for you?

There is a lively market for pre-owned phones. This comes from all the phones which were sold as part of carrier’s plans. Once the lock-in period of the plans have expired, it is cheaper for people to sign up with a new plan, and to sell their old phones.

There are advantages to buying a new phone, and there are also advantages to buying a pre-owned phone. What you choose will be totally dependent on your preferences.

Buying a New Phone

Most people buy a new phone as a status symbol. Some people like to have the latest models. This means that they buy the newest iPhone or Samsung Android phone as soon as these are released. If you are one of that kind of persons, then you know that you have only one reason. You just want the latest model.

Seriously, the best reason for having a new model phone is the specification. Specially nowadays that carriers are laying out their full LTE conversion plans in preparation for their 5G implementation. With LTE you would have very fast internet connection which is necessary for all the digital content streaming for cell phones. With LTE, you would also be able to use the internet even in bad weather conditions. Unlike older 3.5G and 3G Internet, LTE does not need to be the line of sight with the nearest tower.

New phones have the latest specifications and the latest features. When you are browsing the internet on your phone, you would notice that LTE provides faster service than 3.5G. New phones also have the latest designs. It is easy to see among Android phones which one has the latest design. It’s the one with the bezel-less front screen, bleed-to-bleed screen, fingerprint scanner, and the USB Type-C connector.

One other advantage of a brand new phone is that there are some which come with an insurance coverage. This will cover the cost of any mobile phone repair you might need later on.

If you play the latest game on your cell phone, then you would need a brand new phone. Choose one with the highest possible specifications. Not all games run on all Android phones. In most instances, you would have to do the check manually.

In the same token, there are some apps which require the latest operating system or the latest and best specifications.

Buying a Pre-owned Phone

There are pre-owned phones worth buying. These are the sturdy, durable, rugged phones which come at prices cheaper than their original price tag. These still work and can provide years of service even after having gone through a smartphone repair service.

A pre-owned phone, especially if it is refurbished has been cleaned and fixed of any damage it once had. The only exception has been the Samsung Galaxy S7. Although there are plans to rent out the Samsung Galaxy S7 for Asian, African and some European countries.

Supposedly pre-owned phones work as well as the original. This is particularly the case if all you do is receive text messages and phone calls. If you need to run this app which requires Android 7 Nougat, you might be out of luck. Some pre-owned cell phones on the market still have Android Lollipop and could not be upgraded to Android Marshmallow or Nougat. If you don’t mind having some Android’s latest features, then the operating system version should not matter to you.

However, if you require installing a specific version of the app It would be best to check out if the pre-owned phone meets the requirements. Otherwise, you would be running around in circles trying to fix a non-existent problem.

If you want to see a cross-section of choices for pre-owned cell phones, you can go to stores that fix cell phones. In most instances, these shops would have the odd unit, which can be repaired or is up for repairs. In addition, if you really care about using cellphones for a long time, you can chat up the technician and ask him about cellphones he has repaired. It would be interesting to find out which cell phone he repairs most often. That would be something that is very common, that a majority of the population has it, or it has a lot of problems in common with other models from the same manufacturer. The repair personnel would also be in the best position to give advice about what model to buy, or not to buy.

If you are serious about buying a pre-owned cell phone, it is better to buy it from the repair store. At least you would be able to see the unit and appraise it yourself. Buying online usually results in a wide range of cellphones. They may have a short lifetime, or they might not be as advertised. Either way, with a cellphone in your own hand, you would be hard pressed to say no to a deal.


When choosing between a brand new phone and a pre-owned phone, you might not have a choice about the matter if you bought your phone with a carrier’s plan. This is going to be a problem as you also have to fully pay the new phone.  Either way, you should open yourself to the possibility of buying a pre-owned phone. It is usually cheaper, and it fits your needs.

Is virtual reality really going mainstream?

Virtual reality has been a promise for the past few years, and every year it keeps getting better and better. In 2016, Google released Dreamview VR which is supposed to be a standard for VR on Android. The aim was to push developers to create VR content and for smartphone manufacturers to include VR in their cellphones.

2016 saw Google join Facebook’s Oculus VR, HTC and Valve with the Vive, and Sony’s PlayStation VR. In raw numbers, there were and estimated 2.2 million VR units sold in 2016. This is compared to 1.5 billion smartphones estimated sold during the same period. The potential is there, and it would seem that it is on the path to going mainstream. However, there are several hurdles before it does become common place and truly mainstream.


There is a large investment requirement to get the full VR experience. On top of the VR headset which cost $400 or more, you also need to buy the desktop or the engine. For desktops and laptops, this is a machine whose specs cost more than $1,000. The cheapest machine which can run a VR headset is Sony’s Playstation VR.

The cheapest VR headset is from Google. The Dreamview VR headset costs around $79, but you need to have a Google Pixel XL class smartphone to run VR on Android. Even then, the experience still does not meet expectations. In addition, VR repair costs are still more expensive than mobile phone repair. That is an unfair metric, but it should be considered when discussing mainstream use for hardware.

User Experience

This is more of a function of technology. When the first Doom game was released, the main problem was that a lot of people experienced nausea playing the game. The same is true for today’s VR content. A lot of people experience nausea playing with the current generation hardware. One of the obvious reasons is that there are not enough pixels and not a fast enough frame rate. When you look at it closely from this viewpoint, it is a hardware problem.

The frame rates have to be faster, and there should be more pixels. With current technology, you can only achieve that after buying a desktop which costs more than $1,000. The above statements about the need to make the price accessible is at odds with the hardware requirements. It will be much longer before hardware is cheap enough to run VR without people getting nauseated.

One other thing about VR is that it was designed for remote play. You can interact with somebody far away, but when playing with someone in the same room, this is not the tool to use. In fact, VR can be an isolating experience for the user. When you have a bad user experience, you would mentally go through the names of stores that fix phones, as you might be tempted to throw one against the wall in frustration.


There is a concept in computer hardware called the “killer app,” it is that one app or program which would be the compelling reason for the use of a particular piece of hardware. So far, there has not been one particular app which provides a compelling reason for VR.

In addition, the development of content is still slow, resulting in a relative trickle of titles. It is thought that even if there was no single killer app, the mere point that there are a lot of titles, especially in the case of games, then there would be a lot more interest resulting in sales. This idea also follows the thought that if the content is there, the hardware would follow, and the cost would decrease due to the increased sales.

Too Much Diversity

One possible reason that there is as yet no killer app, or that the titles are still relatively few is due to the relatively large number of platforms. Each of these platforms have their advantages. The desktop is easily the oldest and the one with the most followers. It is also the most expensive. The cheapest is from Google, but it is still in its infancy and does not have any critical mass of followers.

In truth, there are a lot of titles. It just so happens that the titles are fragmented across the different platforms. There are not enough cross-platform development. Again, this is a matter of economics. With a lot of platforms on the market, the developers have to choose which one to develop for. In so doing, they also have to choose which one they would develop last, or not at all. It is not like the case when you need phone repair in New York, and you have to choose which one because it does not have the spare parts for your phone. Some developers and support will have to choose which to carry.

Admittedly, there should be tools for cross-platform development, where you would have one code which can be compiled in different compilers for different machines. Sadly, with the dependence on hard-wired code, the code has to be customized for each platform. This is precisely what Google Dreamview VR is trying to open up for Android. Instead of multiple Android VR implementations, there is now a freely-available Android compatible VR tool with the hardware guidelines. Again, Google hopes that this would feed the need for VR on Android.


There are a lot of gripes about hardware. For those who use VR on the desktop, there is the need for at least one camera to capture motion. There is also the tethered headset. The headset also closes off the real world, and the user can bump around and hit something in the real world. He would need space to play around inside the headgear.  In addition, as stated above, the use of VR can make a person isolated with his world.

VR on Android is only marginally better because, again, you would not see anything in the real world. You cannot even see your real hands in front of your face. The ideal solution for this is some form of head gear which super imposes the VR world with the real world in the background view. This, however, is more distracting.

Mainstream VR

The only way to really gauge when VR gets integrated into the mainstream is when the sales of VR headgear becomes a significant percentage of smartphones or gaming desktops. When that happens, it would be safe to say that VR is already a mainstream item.

5 Cool Hacks You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do

1.    Storage Problems? Fix It

Smartphones have become more than a luxury as they have become a part of individual daily living which means mostly you’ll miss your smartphone at one point or the other should you make the gross mistake of forgetting it at home or anywhere else for the matter. Phones have since evolved to become more than just for voice calls as several many operate their businesses and accounts from it which means one too many apps and for the photo lovers, one too many photos. In cases where you’re battling for low memory space on your device, you can easily expand it using the microSD card but for others who do not have the luxury of a microSD card slot, you can easily employ the services of Gmote which allows you access your videos, photos, music and other files by streaming it directly from your PC using a Wi-Fi connection. The application is available on the Android platform allowing you to access as many digital files as much as you want using this sweet hack.

2.    Phone Slowing Down? Fix It

Having your phone slow down or hang when an important task is to be performed could be frustrating, yes, I’ve been there, and it’s, not a pretty experience especially when you have people waiting on the product of what you’re about to show them. Well, your phone didn’t begin to slow down in one day and its most likely associated with the amount of files and applications you have running on it, with regards to this, if you’re in the dilemma of what to do to save your much-treasured device from hanging, here’s a sweet hack that’ll save you the stress, download the DiskUsage app which tells you which of your apps is responsible for the massive data hog causing your device delay in its performance. The application gives a detailed visual representation of the memory space taken up by each app on your smartphone, by order of priority, you’ll know which to delete and which ones to keep running on your device.

3.    Your Camera Can Offer Much More

Getting the most from your smartphone is almost the same as running up heavy mileage on your car, you want to get the value for money which was spent purchasing it, and this is good but how do you go about this when you can’t drive? Same for your phone.


Your phone camera can achieve a lot more than taking mediocre blurry images, and this is most important to keep some memories alive, so you will understand why it is necessary to get the best use of your phone camera. This can be done by applying your camera to your daily life, for example, you can snap your pantry or fridge before heading out to the grocery store, and this gives you some knowledge of what you have and what you need more. In cases where you suffer from parked car memory failure, you can snap the nearest billboard, signpost or markings nearest to your parked car to save you the stress of locating your car and wasting too much time.

4.    Detect Your Remote Control Battery Functionality

Phones come into the market with various new features one of which is the ability to detect infra-red rays; this particular feature can come in handy when you want to detect the battery life in your remote. To try this out, beam the infrared portion of your remote control onto your smartphone camera, the infrared beam emitted onto your device will show as white or purple light in the viewfinder portion of your camera app. This is to confirm the if the battery inserted in your IR remote control is working perfectly okay.

5.    Your Smartphone as Remote Control.

You need not struggle for the remote control again as your smartphone can become your buddy in changing channels and pranking your folks. To do this, you’ll need to download from the wealth of applications which offer this particular feature. You may also need to buy a small, inexpensive accessory, the IR dongle, to go along with your smartphone for better productivity.

What should you do when your device won’t turn on?

When you find that your Android cellphone or tablet does not turn on, there are few basic things that you can do to try to have it restarted. The following is a common task list of things you can do to restart your device. However, there will be some differences depending on the manufacturer and model. You would need to do some research specific to your product.

Plug it in and restart. Turning the device off and on might seem like a juvenile procedure. However, it is a standard first step in any diagnostic and done even by cheap mobile phone repairs. It is possible that your device shut down because it no longer has any battery power. Assuming that you have tried to press the start button and nothing happened, or maybe it will turn on with a warning that it will have to shut down because it is low on battery charge. You would need to plug it into a charger and wait a while before you try to turn it on again.


Modern lithium-based batteries can be damaged if the charge is entirely depleted. To prevent this from happening, cell phones turn themselves off before having zero charges. Further, when it is dangerously low on battery charge, you would need to wait until it has enough amount of battery charge before starting it again. After plugging it in to charge, you might need to wait up to ten or fifteen minutes before turning it on. This usually works and you would not need to have any cell phone repairs.

If it does not respond, try to disconnect the battery first. This only works if the cell phone has a removable battery. In this case, there is a process which has left the device hanging and preventing the screen from showing anything, as well as preventing you from using the device. In most cases, turning it off and on will bring it back to the state which caused it to shut down. To override this, you need to make sure that there is no power to the processor. You need to remove the battery and wait for at least 10 seconds. This will give the device enough time to dissipate the power of the processor. Replace the battery and cover, and then restart the device.

If your phone does not have a removable battery, you need to do a long press on the start button. This is a hard reset procedure, which shuts down the device, removes any running process, and then restarts the device. Of course, you can ask for help from the person who fixes phone screens. He has the experience of trying to fix phones which do not seem to be working anymore.

It might also happen that your device is getting into an infinite loop, where it is trying to restart, but it cannot fully startup, and instead, it resets to the beginning. To get out of the loop, you would need a hard reset which boots up to the recovery mode. You would need to know the proper set of keypress to restart with a factory reset. In most instances, a quick internet search should show you which set of keys to press for your device.

Even more fundamental than the operating system is the firmware. If this is damaged, you would need to reinstall the firmware. Again, a Google search is needed. Google has a lot of instructions on how to install the firmware into your device. You would need a computer and a USB cable to connect to the computer before you start playing around with the firmware. Following the instructions for the firmware update or reload is relatively simple and you do not need to be technically savvy to install the firmware.

Entering “safe mode” is also an option. This is a diagnostic mode similar to Windows’ safe mode. You would be able to choose which program you would need to load in order to fix the problem. Using safe mode is something that should only be done if there is a third-party app which is preventing Android from running properly.

Android is totally different from iOS. However, iOS procedures usually require that you connect your iOS device to a computer which has iTunes. Most of the file downloading and diagnostics is done while connected to another computer. You would need to know your Apple ID before you can use iTunes to fix your iOS mobile device. It is noteworthy that the procedure to troubleshoot is almost the same as that of Android devices.

If all else fails, you would need to check your warranty before sending the device to the manufacturer for fixing. Otherwise, you can only have your cell phone fixed at a cell phone repair center.

Reasons your smartphone stopped charging

Every so often, your Android or iOS device will not charge. Sadly, this is almost a normal thing for some people. There may be any of a number of reasons why this happens, but it should not be a cause for alarm. Knowing the cause of the possible failure, you can easily diagnose the problem and solve it yourself. If after trying to diagnose the problem, and your device still does not charge, then you can go to a Reasons your smartphone stopped charging and have it fixed for whatever problem it has. Of course, if you recently had some water damaged phone repair done, it is possible that your device might have problems charging.


1. Faulty charging cable. Most times it is just a faulty charging cable. There are two ways to find out if your cable is at fault. If your device does not charge when plugged in with a particular cable, try to use a different cell phone and charge it using your cable. If it also does not charge, it is most probably the cable. Alternatively, if you have a second cable, and you connect your phone to the charger with it and the charging LED lights up, then it is a cable problem. It is suggested that you dispose of the faulty charging cable so you won’t mix it up with a working cable.


2. Faulty charging unit. If you are using a charging unit which plugs into an electric outlet, try to connect your phone to a computer instead. If it charges when it connects to a computer’s USB port, then the charging unit might be at fault. For Apple iOS devices, there will be a message on the screen informing you that the charging device is not supported. When that message appears, that means you need to use a different charger. If this happened to me, I would be thinking of where the iPhone repair shops near me are located.


3. Check the USB ports. There are instances where the USB port is at fault. If the USB port on the computer or your device is loose, or the terminal does not have a snug fit, then it might not be connecting properly to charge your device. To diagnose this, try to connect to another computer, use a different cable, or use a different device. Any of these methods will show where the error is. Do not try to jangle the USB terminal while it is connected to the port. That would just damage the port even more. If you have a damaged screen, you might also encounter problems with your USB. It might be time to have a tablet screen repair personnel look at your device.


5. A Third-Party App. Even though every precaution is taken to ensure that apps are safe, not all apps could be tested for any unforeseen interaction with other apps. Google Play and Apple Store only verifies that apps are clean and will work with their devices. What they do not check is for any side-effect due to some other device, or if there are any conditions where it would have any adverse side-effect. If you recently installed an app and then suddenly your device does not charge, there is still something you can do to be sure. Restart your device to safe mode. You would have to check with your manufacturer or do some research on the internet to find the right key combination to enter safe mode. When in safe mode, you can choose to run the system apps without the third-party apps. If after running safe mode without third-party apps, and you are able to charge your battery, then an app is a culprit. Alternatively, you might want to consider turning off the mobile device when you charge it.


6. A Software Update. This is the same as a third-party app problem like above. However, software updates are done automatically, and you would not notice that your phone has been updated unless you check the notifications. For a software update, you can do a rollback to the cellphone state before the update.


7. A software crash. The problem with a software crash is that it is not supposed to happen on a mobile device. In most instances, the only way to know if a software crashed is if it was running and then suddenly disappeared. Otherwise, if the app was running in the background, there would be no way to find out if there was a software crash. In addition, it is hard to replicate a crash. This is one of the rare times that the only way to charge would be to turn your device off and on. Hopefully, the phone would charge after doing a restart.


8. Frayed cables. If you have a frayed cable, it would give you intermittent service. You can see that it is charging one minute, and then it does not charge anymore. Frayed cables are hard to fix. You can just use a different cable and dispose of the frayed or damaged cables.


9. The charging unit. The charging unit may not really be at fault. It is possible that it is not properly seated on the wall outlet. If the outlet is loose, it will not provide any electricity to the charging unit. Try to disengage the charging unit and then push it in again. Or just check that it is properly seated.


10. No power at the source. This might not be tricky, but it is also too obvious when you think about it. If you have a faulty wall outlet, it might not have any electricity. In the same token, if your USB port is defective, it will not deliver any juice.