Smart Phone and Tablet Warranty

Out of Warranty guarantees that the cell phone repair requested was completed correctly. In the event that this is not the case, contact us immediately. We will arrange for you to return the device to an Out of Warranty repair facility to have the issue corrected.


Although all devices sent to Out of Warranty repair facilities are tested, Out of Warranty does not guarantee that all cell phone problems will be detected. Out of Warranty can only guarantee that the requested repair will be completed. In the event that another cell phone repair problem is detected you will be contacted and asked if you want to authorize that cell phone repair as well.


We warranty each repair for a period of thirty (30) days. Out of Warranty's liability under the Warranty is limited to damage determined to have been caused by Out of Warranty's negligent acts in repairing the damage for which the device was originally submitted. As such, the Warranty will cover any recurrence of the problem that occasioned the original repair.


New problems or later, additional damage to the repaired device occurring after the repaired device has been returned to the client will not be covered by the Warranty. Finally, Out of Warranty’s Warranty does not cover cell phone water damage or damage caused by any other liquid.


In accepting the device for repair, Out of Warranty will note in its quotation and/or invoice any scratches or dents to the device submitted. Claims of damage, due to subsequent scratches or dents, must be made upon pickup of the repaired device or within three days of its receipt by mail.


In the event the device sustains additional damage in the course of repair, rendering it unusable, due to our negligence, Out of Warranty will replace it with a device of equal value or refund the repair price, whichever is greater.


If the device cannot be repaired, Out of Warranty will refund the full cost of the repair. The refund will be made in the same manner as the clients original payment.


A warranty sticker, bearing a unique service number, will be placed on each repaired device. There will be periodic drawings of these unique service numbers and the winners of such drawings will be awarded quality prizes by Out of Warranty. Tampering with or removing the warranty sticker placed on each repaired device will render the Warranty void.


The client should note that cell phone repairs performed by Out of Warranty may void a devices manufacturers warranty.