Many people depend on their cell phones for everyday work and play. When a phone is cracked, damaged by water, or not functioning properly, it can make life difficult. By consulting our cell phone repair experts at Out of Warranty, you can have your phone back in working order in just a few days.

Why Consult a Qualified Repair Expert?

If your cell phone is damaged, it may sound appealing to try fixing it yourself. Unfortunately, this can lead to bigger problems and long-term loss of function. Our qualified repair experts are trained to do exactly what it takes to fix your phone. Whether there has been water damage, screen cracking, an electrical fault, or a failed part, you can get expert repairs from Out of Warranty in just a couple of days. As you can guess from our company name, we are happy to work on older models as well as the newest smartphones.

How Does It Work?

We have a number of walk-in locations in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia. You can bring your damaged phone directly to a walk-in office and get it repaired quickly. If you don’t live near a walk-in facility, you can mail your phone to us. We can fix phones and return them to you in only a few days. Each repair job gets the individual attention it deserves.

If your phone is broken or malfunctioning, we are here to help you. Call Out of Warranty today at 845-363-6459 or fill out our contact form at www.outofwarranty.com/customers/contactus to get in touch with one of our phone repair experts.