Cell Phone and Tablet Repair FAQ's

Do you offer a warranty?

yes we offer a 30 day warranty, on parts supplied by us.


I have an older phone, can it be fixed?

Yes, we are able to fix older styles phones.


Is there a reason you would deny to fix a phone?

We won’t fix a phone, if it’s cheaper for you to replace the phone with a new one. We are not about taking money from customers, but about giving them a honest, fair repair.


Can you fix my iPod touch?

Yes we are able to fix iPod touches, iPads, Kindles, and most tablets


What is the turnaround time?

Most repairs are completed within an hour or two (drop off service). The longest repair will take 7 days, from the date received to the date return to you by mail.


If I choose my own shipping, where do I send the phone too?

If you choose your own shipping, you would send the phone to our facility at

Out Of Warranty

126 Liberty Street

Newburgh NY 12550


What if my phone isn’t listed?

If you phone isn’t listed, please choose the other option for both the manufacture and the model of the phone.