The Wearables (Nearly) All of Us Will Be Wearing this Year

You know what a wearable is, don’t you? If you don’t, you soon will because they are about to become the hottest trend in the tech world.

Wearables, also called wearable tech or wearable devices, are electronic devices possessing computing power that people can wear as part of their clothing or as an accessory. Perhaps the wearable that is grabbing the most headlines these days is the rarely seen Google Glass, which is a pair of eyeglasses featuring an embedded computer that enables wearers to message, take photos and videos, and access all sorts of apps hands free. For a wearable to be truly useful, it must be able to communicate with computers and other devices.

Another wearable turning tech heads these days is the new Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. This powerful device does so much more than tell the time; it responds to voice commands to record video, take photos, receive phone calls, and track its wearer’s activities, sleep, and heart rate. In many ways, this smartwatch is a fitness wearable device similar to the popular fitbit, that is solely a fitness wearable.

Continuing along the fitness path is a new form of exercise clothing that has sensors sewn into it. These sensors track how hard individual muscles work and what the wearer’s heart is up to. The clothing stores this data online so that fitness buffs can review it and modify their workouts in order to improve.

Other wearable makers are releasing devices that serve medical purposes. One example is the Scanadu Scout that can take a patient’s vital signs in as quickly as 10 seconds and share it with medical personnel via a mobile app. Related to these medical wearables are the security wearables which are the next-gen I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up necklaces. One of the most popular emergency wearables is theCufflinc which holds an accelerometer. The Cufflinc will notify emergency personnel when it senses that its wearer has taken a fall.

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