Two iPhones ready for launch

Not one, but two

Apparently Apple has asked its Taiwan-based supplier to now ship two new versions of the iPhone next month, including a lower-cost model as reported in the Wall Street Journal this Monday. Both a standard iPhone with new features and a lower-cost model are being prepared by Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision, the parent company of Foxconn in China. The next generation iPhones is said to debut on September 10.

According to, the new iPhone 5S is expected to have the same external design as its predecessor. BGR has exclusively obtained a number of high-res photos of components that will be included in Apple’s iPhone 5S. These parts include redesigned loud-speaker bracket and ear speaker bracket, new vibrating motor assembly, new Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon and Sim card tray. There are actually two different SIM card trays, one black and one that seems to be beige or gold which suggests that the iPhone 5S might be available in several colors. Another expectation of the anticipated iPhone 5S includes a fingerprint scanner and NFC (according to China Times). What we do know is that the new iPhone will have a faster processor, better camera and Dual LED Flash and a higher storage option up to 128GB.

The Low-cost iPhone on the other hand is said to be a standard model but with fewer features, or could this be the leaked photos from China. The iPhone 5C, or the iPhone 5 Color which might have a set of colorful plastic cases(white, yellow, red, green and blue). iPhone 5C will target the mid-range market which is currently dominated by Android smartphones. Compared to the iPhone 5, the 5C will be a little wider and thicker due to its curvy plastic body. The volume buttons, mute slider, SIM tray and hold buttons will all be made from the same plastic material to keep a cohesive design and reduce costs.
This low-cost phone is said to pack a bit of a spec downgrade to reflect the mid-range price, w

This news makes September an exciting month for all of us techies and Apple fans waiting for the next generation iPhone since forever. All speculations, rumors, theories and expectations end in September 10!! After that we’ll go crazy again for the next generation, iPhone 6, 6S, 7, iPad and so on, or a new device maybe.


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