Have You Tried Turning It Off and Back On Again?

Although this common saying is making its way around quite a few media platforms these days, it isn’t just a trite statement. Instead, especially for those of us with limited understanding of the technology making our cell phones work, this is a simple solution that might solve a host of problems. Whether you have a Samsung, iPhone, or Android, a soft reset could provide a quick fix for your slow running or unresponsive phone.

In some cases, a hard reset might be necessary. Before you take this step, check with a cellphone repair technician. You may be able to save your information, pictures, and music this way.

Resetting the Samsung

The most common Samsung soft reset consists of holding down the power button for about 20 seconds, releasing it, and then choosing the “power off” option in the “Device Options” screen. Hit “okay” when prompted and the phone should shut down. When you turn the phone back on, it should be back to normal.

Resetting the iPhone

When your iPhone just isn’t working up to speed or if it has completely frozen up, this reset could be just the trick.

Locate the sleep/wake button at the top edge of the phone. Press this button and the home button (the round one with the white square on the face of your phone) for a few seconds. The Apple logo should appear and when it does, you can release the two buttons. This should give you a simple reset, bringing your phone back to its normal condition.

One fun fact: If you press both buttons, without holding them, you can get a screenshot of whatever is on the screen at the time.

Resetting the Android

The most highly recommended method of performing this reset is to hold the power button for a moment or two. When prompted, choose the “power off” option and then “OK.” You will need to wait for several seconds for your phone to turn off. Hold the power button again until the original Motorola logo shows and release the button.

The soft reset should be one of the first steps you take when you are experiencing trouble with your cellphone. It can solve common problems like crashing, freezing, and locking up. Before you choose the hard reset, give this simple solution a try.

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