Temporary Solutions for Using a Smartphone With a Cracked Screen

You hear your smartphone screen breaking even before you see it. It is an awful crunch of breaking glass that means you just severely damaged an expensive bit of electronics. Perhaps you do not have the spare cash to get a new one right away. Continuing with a spider-webbed screen is often difficult to look at though, and worse, you run the risk of hurting yourself on a sharp edge. There are solutions for dealing with a smartphone with a cracked screen, however, even if they are temporary ones. These are worth a try before you shell out the cash for a professional repair, depending on your skill and tolerance for risk.

The most technically complex option is a full glass replacement kit. While it results in the best repair, it also involves a lot of specialized tools and tiny screws. In addition, you run the risk of accidentally cutting yourself on the old, broken pieces.

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Another option that is simpler to try is a spray-on screen repair. These products consist of a sprayable resin that hardens to fill in the crack in the glass. The drawback is the spray is really only effective in repairing a small crack to keep it from spreading. A similar option is special film called Sugru that adheres to the glass. This is an alternative to a spray. Similar effects can be achieved with household products such as vegetable oil, baking soda and toothpaste, but these are really only useful on scratches and not so helpful on full-blown cracks.

Finally, for an incredibly cheap, but also highly temporary choice, try using a cheap plastic screen protector or other hard-shell case that covers the glass. These options help prevent a break beforehand, but once the damage is done, they are a temporary measure to hold the pieces together and protect your fingers and ears from injury.

If all else fails, you have the option of leaving your screen cracked and calling it a fashion statement. Believe it or not, in some circles a broken screen is a symbol of street cred, and some people even intentionally crack the glass on their devices to get the desired effect.

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