Social Media Hazards

internet-and-future-1180239-mSocial media is the way that many people keep in touch with family and friends. You can post comments, stories, pictures and anything else for the rest of the world to see. As interesting and fun as that can be, it also gives perfect strangers personal and private information. If you post information to a social media site intended for one friend, any number of people you don’t know can see that post.

You should be wise about what data and content you post to the internet. Social media is not just used to keep in touch personally; there is also networking intended in the business arena. Anything posted can be seen by co-workers and prospective employers. More than one person has lost their job due to the something they posted to their social media page.
Using the internet for social networking also makes you vulnerable to scams, phishing, and other cyber-attacks.

Tips to stay safe while social networking:
Ensure that you have enabled the highest security settings within the social network
Use a different password for social networking than you use for online banking and other sensitive information
Do not divulge too much sensitive information on your social network page
Be careful when clicking on links on social networking sites – some posts that appear to come from your trusted friends could be hoaxes
Install a data protection software package

There are many great things about using social media, but you should take measures to protect yourself, your information and your reputation.

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