Smartphone Damage Most Warranties Do Not Cover

broken-phone-1438992-mWhile most smartphones automatically come with a certain warranty duration, you are typically presented with the option to purchase an extended warranty when you buy the phone. Before you buy a warranty, though, it is important to understand what a warranty does and does not cover. On the other hand, if your phone does get damaged, you are likely curious whether any warranty you already have is likely to cover replacement or repairs.

The first type of damage that warranties typically do not cover is accidental damage. This is the largest category of non-covered damages as it includes common things, such as water damage and broken screens. By contrast, warranties tend to cover damage that is no fault of your own, such as software issues and internal mechanical breakdowns. Warranties also tend to cover batteries for an abbreviated period. Some credit card companies provide automatic warranty coverage for items you purchase with the credit card, so look into this option if you purchased your smartphone with a credit card. For the most part, however, accidental damage requires that you seek repairs from a third party.

The other category of damage that warranties tend not to cover is theft or loss. If your phone is stolen or lost, your phone carrier does not consider itself to be at fault, and therefore the warranty does not apply. To protect yourself against this eventuality, consider installing a locator app that uses your phone’s GPS connectivity to keep tabs on its location. Devices that are lost or stolen are often covered under your homeowner’s insurance.

When you consider what damage your smartphone warranty does and does not cover, it is important to remember the difference between a warranty and insurance. A warranty is usually included in your phone’s purchase price or requires a single upfront payment. Insurance, which covers accidents, theft and loss, requires ongoing periodic payments.

One thought on “Smartphone Damage Most Warranties Do Not Cover

  1. Yes, that is very true, that warranty only covers the factory error and do not cover any accidental damage. So basically warranty is an assurance that you get a perfectly fine and properly working device without any factory defects out of the store. But accidental damages is pretty much what we need to be covered, right? So, I totally agree with you to get a phone insurance. The third party repairment costs dimes! SO maybe check us out to get your insurance!

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