Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

Let’s Promote Small Business Saturday-Cyber Monday.Let’s keep America Strong.

by Brian Braker

 #SmallBizSat  #ShopSmall #ShopSmall!

  The story of America is written in every small business. Small business is the engine that drives the American Economy. It is our friends, and  our neighbors that run these businesses. It small business that hires people in our neighborhood and allows them to support their families.

Today is Small Business Saturday. Main Street shops across the country now have the chance to get a share of the holiday dollars. It is our strong desire to keep your spending dollars in the neighborhood you live in. Out Of Warranty and Unlimited Cellular is a New York based small business and it is our desire to help promote Small Business Saturday. So please go out and support Small Business Saturday.Supporting Small Business is helping America stay more competitive and allows our great country to continue to be a land of limitless potential and opportunity.

If you are a small business and would like us to promote you please contact us We are looking to work with other small business to make Small Business Saturday a great success. Please stay tuned to our next update on Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday. Today is #SmallBizSat.Get out #ShopSmall!
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Shop small. Support  Support small business Saturday.

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