Signal Strenght

Mobile phones have evolved in the past years from, devices used only as means of making phone calls and checking the time to a whole integrated into the daily living. The average mobile phone is the source of connection to the outside world through news, chats and internet access.

Achieving this is however based significantly on access to strong and quality signal without which the smartphone just goes back in ages past to become worse off than for making calls and checking time.

With this in mind, there are a few steps which could be taking to boost signal strength on your smartphone should you be in a hurry to check some things on the internet in a poor signal location.

These steps are guaranteed to help you bring your smartphone to receiving the strongest possible signal given your location.

1.    Try as much as humanly possible to minimize the number of blockages around you as this may be the major hindrances to getting quality cellphone reception wherever you are. In cases where you’re experiencing a poor signal, all you need do is to locate the nearest window, open space or outlet for your device to seamlessly connect to a higher plane of network signal.

2.    Avoid covering your mobile phone’s antenna: Yes! Your mobile phone has since evolved from the type in which you see a horn of some sort in the head region, but this does not mean it doesn’t still possess antennae which have craftily been fitted into the panel for added design beauty. Try as much as possible to not cover the antennae portion either with your hand or with a thick mobile casing as this may significantly affect the signal strength your mobile receives at any point in time.

3.    You may need to identify where the nearest signal tower is as this also plays an important factor in the signal strength delivered to your phone. Importantly, living far away from a signal tower predisposes you to the risk of lower signal strength on your device. Identifying your nearest signal tower is however quite simple as there are millions of apps which can help you in figuring this out. Quite simple and easy.

4.    Battery Power: this also plays an important role in signal detection as most smartphones are bound to receive a lower signal when the juice on the battery is low. Therefore access to power supply or a charging outlet could also help boost your chances of getting a better cellphone reception on your device.

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