Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature all-screen design

2017, is just a few days away now and what we should be expecting in the world of smartphones now is the calendar that manufacturers would have put in place not only for  production but also, the release of devices for next year. True, there would be a lot of entry level offerings, and also, we won’t miss out on the mid-range market too.  There would be a lot of options to choose from, but the place that interests us most is the region of flagships where we get a lot of exciting new features on only a few devices in the market. That is where we get to find out the latest things and the most exciting tech that have been introduced for the year and right now, the major players in the game are the ones to look to if we want to see anything big happen.

After the ill fiasco that has befallen the Galaxy Note 7 device, Samsung is more than ready to bounce back and this they are planning to do big by banking mainly on the Galaxy S8 for next year. On the line of Galaxy S flagships, we have been seeing two of them launch for some years now where there would be one with a curved screen and another with a flat screen but for next year, we might need to start getting used to seeing only curved screen variants of the S flagship on the market.

Already, there have been a lot of interesting news, leaks and reported sightings that have truly kept us on our toes and helped to increase the anxiety in us as to expecting the device and slowly, we are warming up to the idea that Samsung might just do what it knows how to do best and dance themselves marvellously into our hearts again next year. With what we have seen them try on the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 already, we know too well that the Galaxy S8 would not be devoid of a lot of sensors and if anything, it would pack even more of these than the unfortunate alternate number did. We have also heard of the possibility of the device not having a home button that we have come to associate with Samsung devices over the years but what ha wowed us the most has to be the concept on the front of the device which, if rumours are golden, would be a bezel-less (or very nearly so in this case) screen. In other words, we could be looking at an all screen technology deployed on Samsung’s yet-to-be latest flagship.

If you pick up your smartphone right now, and you were to take a casual look at the piece of device in your hand, you would find out that underneath all those inches of screen that you use to your day to day activities is a little spec covered by glass or plastic as the case may be and that is exactly what Samsung wants to do away with. To realize this, it implies that they would also have to do away with that physical home button that has defined their units over time and leaves room for another interesting concept, being that there might be a virtual button of this kind embedded in the glass that comprises the screen of the device.

While this would be very exciting for many of us to see and it would be amazing to see how they would pull this off, credit should be given to whom it is due and it can be said that in a way, Apple has already set the pace for this kind of technology with the 3D Touch feature that they started to introduce on the early iPhone 6 models. This virtual home button which Samsung is said to be embedding into the screen would also double as the fingerprint scanner for the device so you would not have to worry about reaching all the way back before you can get your device unlocked. With the kind of biometric sensor that we have seen the South Korean OEM use in the past and the response speed guaranteed, it would be no slouch.

Perhaps one piece of important news that we might not want to leave out is the fact that Samsung might not be prepared to give us anything like a flat screen variant this year anymore and that would be of little surprise given that the Galaxy Note 7 was already a sole forerunner for the curved screen to be the major caller on the devices from now on. With a curved screen technology on the front, reduced bezels, and an embedded home button, there is truly very much that Samsung wishes to blow us away with next year.

One of the leaks that we got as concerns the all-screen technology was also that Samsung is now ready to implement the full 4K resolution on this new flagship but it seems that we would have to wait for the Galaxy S9 or maybe, just maybe, the Galaxy Note 8 because they have opted to stick to the same 2K resolution that we have on the present Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge species. While it would be hard to state at this point if this specification would make the device a VR-ready smartphone, we stand to see what other things that Samsung might have in stock to make sure that the resolutions and awesomeness of the screen are not just wasted on everyday gaming and media playback only.

For now, it is best to keep our fingers crossed while Samsung does what they know how to do best – surprise us.

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