Samsung Galaxy S8 Coming Out Soon, while S7 is Getting Refurbished

After the battery problems which plagued Samsung’s S7, there was a secondary issue they had to contend with: what to do with all the recalled S7? In terms of 2017 flagship representation, there is the S8. However, with millions of phones recalled, the only real solution would be to sell or rent out the refurbished phones.

The Case for Refurbished Phones

There is nothing wrong with refurbished phones. Refurbishing is a factory process where a defective machine is fixed and certified to work like new. Since it is usually done at a factory, the same manufacturing process is used, along with new parts if necessary. Of course, there are other refurbishing outfits. However, these companies or plants also document their products denoting where the work was done. This keeps the companies safe from any misrepresentation lawsuits. The refurbished items also have a shorter warranty and a lower price when sold.

For the company, refurbishing defective products helps them move inventory at a slight margin, and at the same time, it clears inventory space. In terms of being environmentally friendly, refurbishing puts the product up for use, instead of being just disposed. In the case of the Samsung S7, there were more than 12 million units recalled and that represents a large landfill if they were properly and promptly disposed.

S7 Plans for 2017

Samsung has plans of selling the refurbished S7 phones. These units will be sold at a price discount from the original pricing. Samsung also plans to put these phones for rent. That means that the units will be out in the wild as soon as the details are complete. However, according to Samsung, the S7 will not return to the United States. The plans to sell or rent refurbished phones will depend on where this can be done, due to different regulations from one country to another about the use of refurbished equipment.

It is still possible to buy a Samsung S7 in the United States. However, it will have to be through stores which sell used or pre-owned cell phones. If you want to buy an S7 at an attractive price, you should also consider having it checked out at the cell phone repair shop. The tech guys should be able to tell you if the battery models are safe. Better yet, if the S7 comes with original battery, have this replaced, just in case.

S8 and S8+

The latest news about the Samsung S8 and S8+ is that they are definitely coming out on or before summer. Of note is that the S8 will have a 5.8-inch curved screen or panel, whereas the S8+ will sport a 6.2 inch screen, with an 18:9 aspect ratio. This will not be significantly larger than other cell phones. Due to the large screen compared to the size of the casing, it should be almost the same size as a “regular” cell phone with a 5.7-inch screen.

Samsung is putting a lot on the line with the S8 and S8+. They are projecting a significant number of units to be sold almost as soon as these hit the shelves. Samsung is shipping 7.1 million S8 units to stores, with another 5.4 million S8+ units also on the way.

Diversified Marketing

Samsung is not like other manufacturers which have a limited number of models out on any given year. A prime example of this type of marketing is Apple which typically only releases 2 models per year, with 3 variants for internal memory size and several colors to give choices to customers. Google, so far has only released two models. However, they were only able to start selling Google-branded phones in 2016 and still have to release news about their offerings for 2017. Other manufacturers usually only have three models released: a flagship premium model, a midrange, and a low-priced model.

On the other hand, Samsung has several models for the midrange and the low-end. They do not downgrade their models from premium to midrange for older models still in their inventory. The company also has multiple models in the low-end of the spectrum.

Samsung is also one of the few manufacturers which manufacture their own AMOLED screens, as well as memory. They have a dynamic development which is both vertically and horizontally integrated. Even Apple is dependent on Samsung for some parts, including the AMOLED curved screen for their 2017 models.

It’s clear that Samsung is going to try to hold on to their position as the leader in Android phones for the foreseeable future. Their cell phone offerings, as well as the quality of their products,  are a tough combination to beat.

Artificial Intelligence

Recently, Samsung has also mentioned their intention to include the Samsung Bixby as a smart assistant on their phone. The Bixby AI is their own in-house development and will be included in the latest model release. It is not clear why Samsung would want to have their own AI in their phone on top of the Google AI. This is a strong indication that they have a strong product map for the future which would depend on their AI.

An AI is not just a product; it is also a large investment in data gathering. This isn’t something which can be implemented one moment and then abandoned a year later. The true fruits and benefits of an AI is in the data being collected and analyzed for the proper AI response.

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