Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone Repair and its common problems

Samsung Cell Phone Reviews Repair with the Galaxy S3’s newest software features and hardware and redesigned physique it has sold over 50 million units since its release last year of May. The phone was so well received that some technology commentator considered it the “iPhone Killer”, but however perfect it may seem there were still some problems experienced by users.


samsung galaxy screen repair

samsung galaxy screen repair

Battery Drain
The international version of the Galaxy S3 is the one at fault, since there is a miscalculation in the power profile which shows the cell phone standby actually eats more power. This may be due to the apps running in the background and features such Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and push email turned on.
• Adjust the screen brightness, use a low-level brightness or use the auto-brightness feature. Since the phone is using a Super AMOLED display, it is natural that it will use more power.
• If you have Chrome installed, alter your settings by unchecking the Enable Tilt Scrolling from the Developer Tools.
• Stop apps running in the background, or go to Settings to Application Manager to All tabs then stop unnecessary apps and services.
• Reboot the device to clear its memory.
• Turn off LTE in Settings or your Wi-Fi when not in use.

Audio and microphone
It’s annoying when you can’t hear the person you’re talking to, it may be down to a blockage, a setting, or even the noise reduction feature.
• Go to Settings; uncheck Turn Off all sounds in Accessibility.
• Make sure the volume levels are correct and sound is turned on in Settings.

Message app lags and freezes
It’s when you can’t send a text message because you Message app have stopped working.
• Clear data of the app, through Settings, to Application Manager to Messages.
• Delete some really old messages to free some space.
• Or, do a Factory Reset.

The S3 is very thin with a big screen, a big battery and a powerful set of internal components, so it gets hotter the more you use it.
• Give it a rest from time to time.
• If the phone heats up even when not in use, contact the seller because the hardware may be faulty.

Touchwiz Freezes
Sometimes it runs slow due to Samsung TouchWiz feature.
• Clear Data on Application Manager from Settings.
• Or, back up all your data and do a Factory Reset.

Wi-Fi drops or doesn’t detect
The Wi-Fi connection drops or has trouble detecting a signal.
• Edit Settings in the Wi-Fi option, to keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to Always in Advanced menu.
• Find the root of the problem, maybe its the router or you got the password wrong.

samsung galaxy cell phone repair


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