The Razer Laptop The First Ever Computing Device With 3-Display Monitors


The future of computing now rests with laptops and ultraportables. In the recently concluded CES, 2017 these technological breakthroughs and more were shown and introduced for later release. There is no denying that users who are tech savvy are shifting to whatever is portable and will keep them connected while on the go. At the CES 2017, the Razer’s Project Valerie was unveiled, and it promises a super immersive gaming experience with its newly launched product.

The Razer laptop device seems like something taken off of a futuristic sci-fi film, and that exactly is how it looks and feels. It is a concept portable computing device based on the Razer’s existing laptop called the Razer Blade Pro, and the only difference is that it has three monitors built into the laptop.

Each year at CES, Razer never cease to amaze people as they often wow them with brand new cool, innovative prototypes and concept gadgets. The high-tech and innovative tech company is well-known for their hardcore gaming inventions consisting of accessories, keyboards, mice, peripherals and they have been an industry leader when it comes to laptops with their Blade systems.

It should be noted that like car shows, the CES is also a hotbed for new ideas and concept computers. The 2017 CES follows in the tradition of computer shows and expositions since the 1980s. There may be some vaporware, but by and large, if a product has a solid showing, it can be manufactured later on. At the same time, ideas are floated as solutions to impending issues or trends. One such trend today is the ever growing demand for bigger and better gaming computers.

In past years, gaming rigs were displayed in exhibitions which were just insane. One of the most noted exhibits during the 2000s was a gaming desktop without a case. There have even been computer gaming ergonomic seats with multiple monitors. No

The recently unveiled laptop from Razer is a concept device known as Project Valerie, and it is far from the Razer series of laptops, which looks sleek and minimalist. For instance, the Blade Pro is a very portable laptop for gaming, while the Blade Stealth is sharp looking and designed to be a  staunch MacBook competitor.

For large views, 4K video is an impending development as it has already caught on for laptops. A lot of the hype about a number of pixels may be traced to Apple’s Retina displays, but for Windows gaming machines, it has been translated to multiple monitor support.

You will never find Razer skimping on their displays. As a matter of fact, the concept Project Valerie laptop has three monitor displays which are all 4K 17” and packed with Nvidia’s G-Sync anti-screen tearing technology. They also threw in a resolution of 11520×2160 (total pixels across the three monitors) with the aid of the Nvidia’s Surround View. Making it durable and impressive, you will never have to worry about hinges with the new Razer Project Valerie laptop. The monitors are set automatically, and they lock in place in just a couple of seconds.

For the specs, Razer has not skimped a bit, you will find the GTX 1080 graphics chip inside, and a 32Gb of RAM. You also have the awesome vapor chamber cooling system within the Razer Blade Pro which stops heat build up and keeps the temperature at a normal range. It likewise comes with an exact same mechanical keyboard like the Blade Pro.

Nvidia’s powerful graphics chips allow users to expand with multiple monitors. Some desktops are routinely connected to six monitors, simply because it has the ports to do it. The real question is when will this happen for gaming notebooks. Project Valerie is a test balloon checking to see the winds and where it will take the idea. Currently, when you connect multiple screens to laptops, you would have to do it with one or two stand alone monitors. Portability is lost when you have multiple monitors on a laptop. However, Project Valerie shows that it can be done. If Razer floats a number and the interest is there, it is possible that gamers will buy the notebook.

The extra bulk is to be expected with the Project Valerie as it is twice the thickness of the Razer Blade Pro at 1.5” while folded up. However this only places it in line with other gaming devices as the Blade is so thin, to begin with.

As we have mentioned here, the Project Valerie is merely a concept laptop. It does not in fact exist nor is it being manufactured as of this writing. So, don’t expect to purchase one very soon. And even if they hit the shelves, it is not exactly going to be cheap considering the display as well as specs. The Razer Blade Pro  (single monitor laptop) is set at $3,700.00, and you will add more dollars to the two extra 4K displays on top of the existing one.

Take yourself back to 2014 when the same company announced its Project Cristine. It was an insane yet amazing modular PC for gaming. It looked so promising, but it was never sold publicly. You will still see some out of this world concept and design from hardware companies, enough to make your jaws drop. These companies will always come up with something great, fun, and novel. There is always something to look forward to at tech conferences and exhibitions such as the CES.

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