Cellphone Prevention and Protection From Water Damaged Phones

Water damaged phone? What can our Phones do against Water?


water damaged phone

All of us have probably have a Water damaged phone. You know as in  submerged our phones in water, or knocked water over it, or got caught in rain with it, and it’s really a frustrating thing to happen (it’s one of the most common damage our cellphones could experience). But we have ways to save them when we accidentally get our phones wet, or prevent a water damaged phone from happening?

We all know that we’re the reason behind this, we can be careless. Because we’re always with our phones, when we go swimming, eating/drinking and we just display it on the table and when we use the toilet.

So obviously, number 1 is to keep it away from water or be very mindful when water is near. Also, when you’re at a resort or wherever there is open water like pools or the ocean, don’t walk around with it, keep it in a protective/ water proof bag. Resorts most likely have lockers or safety deposit boxes, keep it there; it won’t hurt to be away from your phone a bit. But if you really can’t separate from your phone, there’s always the Liquipel. Liquipel keeps every feature of your device safe from water, the coating is not noticeable and it’s also long lasting (doesn’t mean you could go swimming with your phone). Or to prevent a Water damaged phone you could always just get a waterproof phone; some devices coming out are built for it (like the Sonim XP5520 BOLT, The Vertu Ti, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 or Motorola MOTOGO TV).

But say, we still soaked our Water damaged phone, and never did anything to avoid and chose to be careful, there are ways to save our wet phones/gadget (hopefully)

Firstly, take the phone out of the water ASAP, the ports and case might seem tiny and tight, time could make a huge difference. Also, don’t assume only a few water got in. If you dropped it in the ocean, wash it first with fresh water before salt crystals form. And if connected to charger while submerged (how) in water, do not attempt to remove it, get a professional to help you as you might get electrocuted. Immediately after removing from water, take out the batteries and turn it off (to avoid a short circuit), also take out your memory card and SIM (dry them separately). Wipe off the visible drops of water. (Do not use a heated blow dryer, or any source of extreme heat. This will only add more damage to your phone. You can however use your blow dryer on ‘cool’ mode). Use a substance with a high affinity for drawing out moisture, placing your phone overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice, but dessicants may absorb better than rice. Desiccants are what we find in newly purchased bags, shoes and other stuff, remember the “Do Not Eat!” warning, that would be it. One more thing we can do with it is slip our phone into a plastic bag or any airtight container, add the dessicant packet and leave it for absorption. After the absorption phase, lay it out on an absorbent towel, napkins or other paper.

The goal is to get all the moisture out out of your water damaged phone, after at least 24 hours of drying, put them all back together (make sure you checked every part for any moisture) and give it a try, test out all functions, it might turn on but it doesn’t mean it fully functional.


water damaged phone

If everything failed with your Water damaged phone and the phone just won’t work, do not open it up and fix it on your own (unless you had training). Send it over to a professional, like Out Of Warranty where it’s so easy to have your phone repaired. http://www.outofwarranty.com/index.php






Cell Phone Water Damage

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  1. Water damage can happen to anyone and anytime. If you have ever dropped your phone in the water, pool, or it slips out of your hands into some watery surface will lead to damage to your device. Water damage is not covered under warranty and you are not going to have a replacement from the manufacturer for any of the loss done by water or moisture. So save and secure your data.

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