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Leading Smartphone and Tablet Repair Company to Add Another Location in the Hudson Valley, New York

November 1, 2015, New Windsor, NY –– Leading US Smartphone and tablet repair company,, is rapidly expanding and making its repair service more convenient for customers.

The company will be adding another location in Historic, Newburgh, New York to better engage with new and current customers with a retail store front. It’s a short walk from Washington’s Headquarters and convenient to many popular restaurants.

The company fixes any type of Cell phone, Smartphone – including iPhones – and tablets while you wait. The company’s success rate for repairs is incredibly high, earning them an impressive reputation and a sound, loyal following. Chief Marketing Officer Mendel Mendelovits said the company can more or less fix any cell phone or tablet repair and that they had saved thousands of customers aggravation since setting up shop more than a decade ago.

He added: “We’ve all had that moment of panic when we’ve drown our smart phone in water, or dropped our tablet and heard that loud crack and feel like the world is lost. Well, it’s not. You don’t have to deal with that broken screen. Most people don’t know that for a fraction of the cost of a new device, it can be fixed and good as new.” has an incredibly talented team of technicians who can repair most devices they encounter. Whether the Smartphone or tablet happens to be water damaged, the charging port is broken, the keypad sticking or it simply won’t power up in the first place you can rest assured they will be able to fix it.

The company’s trusted working relationship with a number of mobile device manufacturers means they are able to access working parts which are unavailable to the average consumer or even other repair shops.

Customers who may not be in close proximity to the retail locations and are in dire need of a cell phone or tablet repair have the ability to access the service online. They simply mail the Smartphone or tablet direct to OutofWarranty’s engineering team and it’s returned promptly.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure customer’s cell phones or tablets don’t end up in the store needing repair once again, the company sells cases and other protective items.

Find out more about the Smartphone, tablet and general mobile device repair service at the company website


Out of Warranty, has recognized the need for cell phone repair since 2009. They repair devices and phones that aren’t ready to be tossed out just yet, but that need repairs to function properly. Out of Warranty fixes water damage, electrical problems, charging port repair, broken screens, headphone jack repair, and more. Don’t throw that phone away—repair it instead! Learn more at