Is It Possible to Reviveaphone?

If you’re one of the reported 19% of people a year who report having dropped your cell phone into a toilet, all is not lost. As a matter of fact, the previously murky and seemingly insolvable problem of water damage can be overcome.

Water damage is the most-reported problem with cell-phones. Excessive rain, sinks, pools, embarrassing toilets, and more pose a threat to your cell and smart phones’ safety. There are pages upon pages of suggestions on how to best deal with a cell phone that has been submerged.

As always, check to see if your cellular phone is under warranty or insurance. Unfortunately, most warranties explicitly disallow water damage and will not cover it. The same is true of most cell phone insurance. If you are lucky enough to have coverage for the damage, follow the manufacturer or carrier’s instructions and take in or ship the phone back to them under their guidelines.

Many people have tried the folk-remedy of burying their water-damaged phone in rice for at least 24 hours. The various sites that report this “fix” vary greatly in how much time to keep the phone in the grain. One even suggests a better fix is Rice Krispies. While rice is a viable solution for drawing out moisture, it is not the moisture that causes the damage to the phones circuitry; it’s what is left behind.

“Most people don’t understand why phones break when they get wet. It’s not actually the water, it’s the minerals and deposits in the water which attach to the phone component.” U.K. wunderkind, Oliver Murphy, told The Telegraph six months ago.

The young entrepreneur was featured on Britain’s Dragon’s Den television program with his new invention, Reviveaphone. The way the product works is not all that unlike the rice fix, but his secret formula is designed to cleanse the phone’s circuits of damaging deposits, and he claims a 90% success rate.

Products like Revieaphone give consumers new hope about the longevity of their cellular phones, which is what is all about. However, a qualified repair technician is your best bet to assess and resuscitate your water-damaged phone.

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