Pickpockets are everywhere around the globe and if you’ve not been a victim of their antics, it’s better to keep it so while if you have, you will agree that it is one of the most painful ways to lose your smartphone as one minute you have it in that pocket space or your bag and the next minute, you’re turned to a temporarily mad person trying to understand how your smartphone grew wings and flew off.

Pickpockets mostly operate in busy areas such as concerts, markets, bus stations, train stations and other busy areas you might find yourself in. To save yourself the emotional trauma of losing your phone along with all that you have in it to these skilled set of thieves, you will need to sharpen your attention span.

The few guidelines for keeping your phone safe and on you whenever you’re in areas with potentials for pickpockets to operate.

To better keep your phone from these petty thieves, you need to understand that their craft is based on major body and attention game which involves diverting the attention of the victim while they act on the valuable asset. In order times, these pickpockets might need to stall you with one engaging your attention by seeking help usually with direction while another operates in the background while on other occasions, you might play host to a concealed hand without your knowledge. There are also the runners who are practically aiming for smartphone users who are on call or chatting as they walk, these set of petty thieves grab your device and most often than not run in the opposite direction thereby numbing your original thought of chasing after them.

For the most part, there are several other categories of pickpockets that you might encounter as there are those who bump into you as in the movies and in that time have located your valuable and made away with it, another pickpocket, especially those working as a team might try the Fake-Out method on you which allows you catch the first thieve and while you engage him or her, more valuables are stolen which makes for a perfect distraction.

However, much of your susceptibility to getting pickpocket depends on where your phone is located on your body when you carry it around, other times; it deals with how alert you are to situations happening around you. To safeguard yourself against these skilled petty thieves, here are tips:

  1. Reduce the number of items you carry about. As a rule of thumb, some persons have devised the one pocket-one item method which allows them to know what goes into what pocket as they make their way out of the house daily. This could prove important as you get to notice the potential emptiness of one pocket should you ever fall victim and react faster.
  2. Avoid getting carried away by distractions on the street as these provide the perfect cover under which the petty thieves prey.
  3. Make yourself a hard target for the petty thieves by exuding confidence which shows you are purposeful and know where you are headed. Pickpockets are mostly interested in persons who seem lost and engrossed in the surrounding more than they actively care about their being.