Options for Fixing Your Out-of-Warranty Smartphone

businessman-looking-at-his-pda-504653-mMost mobile providers allow customers to replace their smartphones every two years. Unfortunately, many cellphone warranties expire after one year and some after only six months. Furthermore, the most common damage incurred by a lot of smartphones, such as cracked screens or being dropped in water, is not covered by the warranty. Fortunately, a mishap with a smartphone does not mean that you are stuck with a broken phone. There are alternatives to fixing your out-of-warranty smartphone.

One option is to fix the phone yourself. It is easy to obtain the tools to fix some minor problems, and this method is usually much less expensive than replacing your phone. Of course, fixing your phone yourself is most viable as an option for those with a bit of knowledge of technology. If the damage is minimal and you feel your technical expertise is up to the task, consider fixing your out-of-warranty phone yourself.

If you are not a technical wizard or don’t feel comfortable attempting your own repair, third party repair services are another option. Third party cellphone services are not affiliated with any specific mobile service provider, but most reputable ones, such as OutofWarranty.com which offers mail-in repair as well as walk-in locations in several U.S. cities, maintain relationships with cellphone manufacturers. Since mailing in your phone means you do not have it for several days, it is best to try to find a repair service with a walk-in location in your area. Although cellphone providers place warranty stipulations on customers to discourage them from using third party cellphone repair services, for phones that are already out-of-warranty, third party services offer the advantage of well-trained technicians with intimate knowledge about multiple brands and models.

If you have a broken, out-of-warranty smartphone, consider repairing or having the phone repaired before replacing. Although repairs are sometimes expensive, most services make repairing a smartphone much more economical than replacing it. You need not worry about being forced to contend with a broken phone until you are eligible to replace your phone in accordance with the regulations of your service provider.

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