Nokia is making a return to smartphones


Nokia was the most popular phone brand back in 2000 where they released tons of analog phones that sold millions of units worldwide. It had a lot to offer and a lot of followers that launched the company to the top of the market. Nokia dominated the mobile scene until the arrival of the smartphones. The Finish company tried to compete and keep its head above water, but eventually, they drowned in the overflow of competitors. By 2014, according to Nielsen study, 80% of the market belonged to two of the top smartphone brands and only 2% of the population owned a Nokia.

There has been leaks and rumors that Nokia will soon get back on the horse with three phones that will compete in the high range and mid range phones. Several depictions and spec lists have surfaced as to what the phones will look like and what they offer and how much they would probably be sold. As they say, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Let me tell you, the fat lady has sung a good song, and this is what Nokia has posted on their website:

“Elegant simplicity. Trusted reliability. Lasting quality. We are unlocking new and extraordinary possibilities for billions of people. And we’re just getting started, with new smartphones coming in 2017.”—Nokia (n.d.). Retrieved from 

It is confirmed, the once Goliath of mobile phones are making its way back into the competition and will release their first smartphone in the first quarter of 2017. The website shows the HMD logo which hints the formalization of the licensing agreement with HMD Global which operates their site. The union provides HMD the exclusive 10-year license for the Nokia brand of smartphones and tablets. Upon landing the website, there are two things that you will discover:

  • Phones
    • The Phones section on the website was just recently launched with announcing the return of the Nokia brand. There will be a mix of smartphones and tablets that will be released next year, and the first one is to be expected in the first quarter. The feature phones that made Nokia a well-known name will remain and be displayed on the site alongside their new releases. Speaking of rumors, no is still set in stone when it comes to the phone that will be the open this new beginning for Nokia, but there have been talks about two high-end model phones and mid-range phones to be released. The codenames are D1C and the Nokia C1. Renders and specs have been circulating on the internet, and it does look like it has all the top of the line software and hardware. News about the three flagship phones has been confirmed by Nokia all though there are no clues as to what they are, what they have, and what they can do.
    • Operating System

The first of the few attempts that Nokia had with smartphones were made with Android operating system, but the Windows OS were the ones that made the biggest noise, but not the biggest revenue. This time, the new range of Nokia phones that will soon hit the markets will be using Google Android operating system exclusively as confirmed on the phone section on their website.  A lot of speculation has been floating around when it comes to Nokia’s return and its success, but a lot of optimism arose when news of the Android Operating system leaked out. It has been said that going with Android was the logical and obvious choice for Nokia since it is one of the popular choices today.

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