You Must Keep Your Smartphone Safe and Secure

The smartphones of today are much more than phones. In fact, most of us do not use them for talking all that often. Instead, smartphones are all around communication devices that also pull duty as personal filing cabinets.

If someone got access to your smartphone there is a good chance that same person would be able to access your banking and financial information, personal health information, personal and professional contacts, and all sorts of information about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, habits and routines. Our smartphones are so full of information that the US Supreme Court just ruled 9 to 0 that police must get a warrant to be able to get their blue fingers on the data they contain.

But, you need to protect your smartphone from more than just the coppers, you have got to keep its information out of the clutches of the real evil doers.

The first step to take to protect your smartphone is to lock the dang thing with a REAL password. 1234 is not a password. Once you have done this, encrypt it. You can find the encrypt option in your phone’s settings. An encrypted phone’s data is all jumbled up so that no one else can read it. You must know that your phone’s performance may slow a bit if you encrypt it, and you will need to enter two passwords to get into it.

Once your phone is protected with a password and encryption, you must protect it from wifi hotspots. To do this, turn off your phone’s automatically-connect-to-wifi setting. Public wifi connections can be terribly dangerous since once you connect to them since they open your device for others to enter.

Finally, make sure your smartphone is protected by an antivirus and internet protection software. This will scan all of your files, apps, and data for threats just as the antivirus program on your desktop does.

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