Making the Cell Phone Switch: Is it Worth it?

Big phone companies are duking it out head to head, offering enticements to switch loyalties, sever old contracts, and sign up with a new carrier. The inducements even extend to hundreds of dollars in credits for trade-ins on used smartphones in some cases, and direct cash payments to terminate costly contracts or just to switch to another company.

Companies Offer Cash and Phones for Loyalty

The cost-conscious consumer wants to get the best deal, snag a bargain on the newest smartphone, and have a great phone and data plan without a lot of complications. Whether buying the smartphone outright or getting it as part of the hook and bait to sign up with one company over another, it is no surprise that the high-tech device itself can end up costing more than the monthly phone service in many cases, if you must have the newest device technology, loaded with the options and features that make one smartphone smarter than all those other phones in the pockets and purses passing by.

Consumers can win if they play their plans right. This is achieved not necessarily by running across the street to a different phone plan for a couple hundred bucks every time one company or another flashes some cash, but rather by playing it smart, looking over the big picture and doing the math on catchy new plans and phone devices to see what costs more over time and what ends up saving in the long run.

Quality Counts

If you current phone carrier offers consistent, quality service it may be a better idea to stay with them and simply have your existing smart phone refurbished by a reputable cell phone repair company. Many people are amazed at how much better their phone performs after having charging ports and headphone jacks cleaned, as well as replacing a scratched screen. Throw on a new protective case and it is like having a brand new phone!

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