Little Known Things to Prevent Cell Phone Damage

The modern cell phone is designed to be used for a long time. Typically, if you take extra care of your cell phone, you can use it for more than five years. Of course, most people replace their cell phone once the lock-in period expires, which is usually two years. They then sign up for another plan and a new cell phone. However, if you are frugal and would like to help the environment by being eco-friendly, here are a few little-known measures you can do to make sure you keep your phone for a long time.

1. Do not put your cell phone on top of the dinner table.

This is especially true when you are dining out. The top of the dining table is where most spills and accidents occur. Your phone might be the victim of an accidental glass water or wine spill. This can result in an emergency visit to a cell phone repair shop.


There is also the danger of the phone being pushed aside and dropped to the floor. The most important thing to remember is to keep it away from any possible accidents. Keeping safe is much better than a trip to a cell phone repair shop in New York.

2. Stay away from open fire barbecue.

For some people, they do barbecues weekly when the weather allows. For others, they only do it on few occasions. Most people who barbecue often, keep their cell phones in their pockets or anywhere else away from the grill. This means that they do not take calls at the same time that they grill. The reason is that, for people who are serious barbecue cooks, they want to give their full attention to the food they are cooking. For another, it is easy to make a mistake and drop the cell phone onto the grill.

A burned cell phone is not something that can be easily repaired. Your neighborhood cell phone repair shop might not have the spare parts to repair the burnt cell phone. For some models, it can be very hard to find a cell phone cover. If you want to cook a good barbecue, stay off the phone. If you want to keep your phone from burning, do not take a call near the grill.

3. Keep the screen away from magnets

Nowadays, there are few phone tablets which come with a dedicated case when bought new. The dedicated case usually has a relatively weak magnet on the cover so you can make it a stand for the phone-tablet. With a weak tablet on the case, the screen is safe from any damage.

However, when you have a desktop magnet or a magnetic which came from a damaged and disassembled hard disk, do not bring it anywhere near a LED screen. When it touches your cell phone’s LED screen, this will result in streaks and discoloration. This damage is permanent. You would need to go to your cell phone support to have the screen replaced. The neighborhood cell phone repair shop might not have this in their inventory.

4. Try not to remove the cover too often

Some of the top models as well as the super-slim cell phone models do not have a replaceable battery. Due to that, these cell phones also do not have any battery covers, or any cover at all. This design helps make sure that the phone is not opened too often.

When you take off the cell phone cover, there is a small piece of plastic which serves as the guide and lock. It fits snugly and dovetails into a small slit on the cell phone slot. What happens is that this small sliver of plastic serves as the lock when the cell phone is closed. To remove the cover, you have to press on the cover to unlock it from its fitting.

Over time, the whole cover loses its fit and can become loose on its own. The cover can then fall off when you least expect it.

The latest model cell phones do not have that problem. These do not have replaceable batteries, and they have slots on the side where the SIM and the microSD slots are located. For all intents and purposes, once you insert your SIM and the microSD card, there is no longer any reason to open the cover. For the life of the phone, the small plastic cover is closed. Keep it closed, unless you want to replace the microSD card.

5. Do not fully discharge the battery.

Lithium Ion batteries are durable pieces of equipment. These are intelligent batteries where the cell phone knows the charge level. They also do not have a “memory effect.” You can recharge it anytime, or keep it plugged in when you are at your desk. It does not suffer from over-charging.

What it does suffer from is a total failure when there is no charge. The battery is vulnerable to damage when it has no charge. When charging is overdue, it takes a while before the battery registers that it is charging, or that it even has a charge. Also, the cell phone cannot be used until the battery reaches a certain minimum level of power after it has been fully discharged. It is highly recommended that you recharge the phone when you are not using it for a long time, like when you are off to bed to get some sleep.

It is not hard to recharge, just as long as you are always nearby while it is charging, just in case something wrong happens.

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