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Why is my iPhone Not Charging? Tips How to Fix it

Perhaps you are still in love with the older version of your iPhone, or you use it as a backup phone. Maybe your kids have these versions, charging them correctly, the right way can help you or your lovely babies enjoy these devices a little bit more before you go for the latest version.

Older versions of iPhones are like every other machine, suffering cramps, body pains, and what have you that contribute to lowering their efficiencies when they are not charging the right way. You will recall that Apple admitted to slowing the performance of older versions of iPhones to reduce battery degradation.

So, the issue of your Apple battery is a big deal since your current version might become an old version once new versions are unveiled.

Apple and many other devices come with Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, and these batteries have got their handicap. Li-ion batteries charge fast at 0-80% and slow charge also known as trickle charge from 80% for a full charge circle.

The capacity of Apple’s Li-ion batteries diminishes with each charge circle completed as usage will take its toll.

iPhone Not Charging? Why and How to Fix it

Flat Battery

Having a flat battery is not a good idea as far as your old iPhone is concerned. The reason has been that dropping to zero or near zero makes it readily vaporizable due to specific chemical processes that occur at this stage. This volatility slowly tires the battery, reducing its efficiency.

Flat Battery

However, according to Apple, allowing your battery to run flat in a month or two enables it to re-calibrate the battery gauge-i know what you might be thinking; isn’t this a method via which Apple slows down the performance of older versions of its batteries? Your guess is as good as mine.

Your Li-ion battery must have more than 2V capacity so that some of these effects can be reversed by recharging.


Full Charge

Who wouldn’t want to leave home with a fully charged iPhone? Most of us would, mainly when going to events, parties where one is not sure of getting a place or even the time to let our iPhone charge. However, experts advise that a 30-80 percent charge is best for your Apple Li-ion battery. Studies have shown that these batteries perform more efficiently in this range.


Extreme Temperature

Extreme Temperature

Since batteries are electrochemical products, the absolute temperature has a profound adverse effect on them. It shows that high temperature reduces the lifespan of your iPhone batteries as freezing temperatures like leaving your iPhone in freezing temperatures. Apple set optimum battery performance of its cells between 32-94 degrees.


Have you noticed a bulge on your battery?

The bulge can be a result of frequent: overcharging, overheating or merely age. This bulge emerges when gas forms in the battery; it is the batteries way of containing the electrolyte and gas generated in the cell. Since the battery is made of flammable electrolyte mixture, this deformed battery can rupture and explode, resulting in a fire!

iphone bulge battery

Likewise, using your wireless charger produces heat too in charge, and your phone conducts most of this heat to itself. When not condemned, its usage is not advisable in excess. As much as possible, use a charger that does not attach to the device.


Wrong or Faulty Charging Gear

These days, there are a lot of accessory manufacturers, all eager to push out something to help us maximize our devices. As much as these accessories are welcome, not every one of them is good enough for your iPhone. Regarding your battery, using a different charger not manufactured by Apple is one way of reducing the lifespan of your battery. Some of these chargers may not meet the circuitry required by your iPhone for a first charge, and you know what that means for your battery? Shorter life.  

Faulty gears due to damage from the environment or any form of an accident will spoil your battery because they can let in below or above proper voltage into the cell, voltages the battery which is not the intended design. As much as possible, replace it.


Storing Your Old iPhone

If you are someone like me that doesn’t sell or put it the older version away soon, you might want to know how best to store that iPhone. You already know an extreme temperature is not suitable for your iPhone, so, saving in a cool place (or should I say warm) is ideal.

A half charged battery is what you need. Low charge will permit your iPhone to fall into a vegetative state which for cells is ‘deep discharge’ from which it may never recover once it goes significantly below the critical voltage. Full charge too as you were notified beforehand at the beginning of this articles is not ideal. It is good to check to see if the battery is dropping too low to restore it back to this average charge.

If it didn’t fix the charging issues I recommend to have your iPhone check by professional, check out NY’s cell phone repair shop.


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