iPhone 6: Rumors of What to Expect from Apple’s Next Smartphone

This fall season, Apple will once again unveil their latest model of their pride and joy—the iPhone. A lot of anticipation has been surrounding this big launch, especially with the variety of rumors abound pertaining to what it will look like and what new features it will have.

One of the first and most reliable among the rumors pertains to its size. The iPhone 6 is said to be much larger than its predecessor with its initial screen size of 4.7” compared to the 4 inches of the iPhone 5S. Another major rumor is that there will be a second version coming out later on with a much bigger screen size of 5.5”, which could directly compete with Android and Windows phones with their signature wide screens. Apparently, a lot of Apple customers have expressed their demands for an iPhone with a bigger screen and it seems like iPhone 6 is the answer that they’ve all been waiting for.

Another major rumor is the more prominent use of the Sapphire crystal, which is currently used for minor parts such as the camera lens and home button of the iPhone 5S. The main speculation is that Apple have partnered up with GT Advanced to have more Sapphire crystals to use on the screen of the iPhone 6. However, there seems to be conflicting hearsay because some still say that Apple don’t have enough to do so and might just incorporate it to higher models of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

Besides having a wider screen, the iPhone 6 is reported to be much thinner and lighter as well. And while the iPhone 5S is currently using a 64-bit A7 28-nanometer processing chip manufactured by Samsung, the iPhone 6 is said to be making use of a 20-nanometer A8 chip from TSMC. It’s known to be smaller and more efficient, and Samsung is said to still be involved in production to lessen the strain on TSMC.

Are you excited for the launch of iPhone 6 based on these rumors?

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