problems that may require iPhone 5 repairs

Iphone 5 repairs?

Not even Apple is safe from problems.


iphone 5 Repairs

In the initial 24 hours of pre-order, iPhone 5 repair sold 2 million units and 5 million units in the first 3 days of release. The iPhone 5 has been described by Apple as “extraordinary” and has received positive reviews; the iOS 6 Maps however was highlighted as the “biggest drawback”. But it doesn’t stop there, since iPhone 6 users reviews have raised a number of complaints like problems with its batteries, speaker, Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth.

The common problems that may require iPhone 5 Repairs

Overheating and Excessive battery drain
When the battery overheats and drains too fast even when on standby

• Switch email settings to manual instead of automatic fetch from Settings
• Do a hard reset, by holding down the Lock and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the device restarts
• Adjust or reduce default brightness settings from the Settings
• Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb services when not in use
• Turn the LTE service off, if 4G LTE service is not available
• Turn off unnecessary Notifications like Mail, Game Center, Passbook, Photos, Stock widget, Weather widget, and

• Turn off Location Service when not in use

Wi-Fi issues
When Wi-Fi isn’t connecting properly or have slow speed
• Reset network settings, through Touch Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings
• Or Reset all Settings, but you lose all your preferences
• Switch to manual DNS settings
• Router compatibility issues could mean that WPA2 Personal Wi-Fi security is causing problem.

Bluetooth Problems
This is when you are unable to pair and iPhone 5 to a Bluetooth car audio system, headset or other Bluetooth devices.

• Update the car audio firmware, some older Bluetooth drivers are not compatible with iPhone 5
• Modify iPhone Settings, change the Incoming Calls setting from Default to Headset
• Clear the device’s memory, sometimes still attempts to connect to the previously paired
• Update to iOS 6.1

Headphone and Speakers not working
When there’s no sound when in use
• Reboot the phone
• Reset all Settings, Settings – General – Reset –Reset all Settings
• Restore and jailbreak again

iPhone 5 Repairs

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iPhone 5 Repair Problems

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