iOS 7 Bugs and iPhone 5 Cell Phone Repair

Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It may require iPhone 5 Cell Phone Repair

iPhone 5 Cell Phone Repair

iPhone 5 Cell Phone Repair

Like every new operating system, iOS 7 has bugs. But you don’t have to worry, since tips and guides are available all over the internet. Here are some of them to help you identify and work around these problems that you may experience with iOS 7 iPhone 5 Cell Phone Repair

iMessage doesn’t Deliver Messages

The one thing cell phones were originally invented for, to send out messages and it isn’t working. Apple does promise to fix the problem, but you do something about it now. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. But if that doesn’t help, TUAW recommends a quick reboot.

Lock Screen Vulnerabilities Give People Access To Your Info

Lock screen vulnerabilities can give anyone access to your data even if they don’t know your passcode. Fortunately, all you need to do is update to iOS 7.0.2. However, the most recent bug allows people to access your phone on the newest firmware. You can keep it from happening by disabling Siri on the lockscreen. Go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock. Then disable Siri under “Allow access when locked”.

Some Apps Constantly Log You Out

Soon after iOS 7 was launched, users have complained about apps like Mailbox and Snapchat logging them out of the app. It was actually iOS 7’s new background app refresh feature at fault. Most apps have been updated to either remove the feature or work properly with it, but if you’re still having troubles go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and disable any apps that aren’t working.

Audio Apps Crash When You Get a Call or Text

Before the launch of iOS 7, Audiobus sent out emails to its users warning against upgrading to iOS 7 because music apps were crashing a lot on iOS 7. The most troublesome is when you’re using an audio app and someone calls you. When that happens, the app crashes and loses all your data. While waiting for Apple to permanently fix the bug you try to fix it by enabling Airplane Mode while making music. Just go to Control Center and tap the airplane icon.

The iPhone 5s Accelerometer Isn’t Very Accurate

This means that the compass, gyroscope, and level aren’t working properly which is bad news for gamers or anyone who uses an app with the accelerometer. It’s still unclear whether this is a hardware problem, a software bug on the 5s, or both, but users over on MacRumors are trying to figure it out. The best solution for the time being is to have your phone exchanged for a new one at an Apple Store.

Chrome’s Incognito Mode Reveals Your Private Browsing

Incognito mode in Chrome always saves some data on iOS, but now if you search for something in incognito mode in iOS 7 it’s also showing up when you’re not in incognito mode. But unfortunately, the only thing you can do is stop relying on incognito mode for now while waiting for an update.

Though it may have problems right now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be there permanently. All we have to do is just wait it out until all respective programmers repair all the said bugs reported. As the old saying goes, if it’s broken… it can be repaired.

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