Hinge testing Audrey personal assistant service to help you date more


Have you wanted to write the most romantic notes or messages, but somehow are always at a loss for words? Lucky for you as dating app Hinge recently introduced a new feature. Audrey by Hinge is called by the app as “an intelligent assistant for the modern dater.” This new feature which is currently still in beta-testing will message dates for you. There is an offer form for people who want to get on the list to try it on the Hinge app website.

Audrey by Hinge does not come for free however as there is a fee of $99 a month. Hopefully, before the month ends, you can find “the one.” According to an email from Hinge to Business Insider, “Audrey provides data and feedback along the way to help you find that perfect match.” (n.d.). Retrieved from http://gizmodo.com/dating-app-creates-service-for-people-who-are-too-lazy-1791701614.

Audrey works with the user selecting the people who they are interested in. Afterward, the app through Audrey will then reach out to the potential match. It will introduce them and schedule a date if the feeling is mutual. Even better is that Audrey will also give “data and feedback” so that it can assist you to find the perfect match.

This will help people figure out who is interested in going out with them versus just having them as a chat buddy. This will also hopefully lessen the amount of time that people spend on finding matches, filtering messages, and going through the same introductory conversations.

It has not been clarified on whether Audrey will be handled by an automated bot, or by a real person or even maybe a combination of both. Reports say that the high $99 per month price point is still in flux. Just like Audrey, the price is still being tested upon, and will probably depend on the response of the public.

Last year, Hinge which once was like Tinder but for friends of friends, took on an entirely different route as it focused more on relationships and not on hookups. It has built a social media like vibe and features less swiping. “Most of the dating apps out there are games designed to keep you single, and swiping is the most iconic feature of these games,”Hinge CEO Justin McLeod said in an interview. “That’s why we’re not even calling the new Hinge a dating app. We think of it as a relationship app.” (n.d.). Retrieved from https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/27/hinge-closes-the-door-on-casual-dating-to-focus-on-serious-relationships/.

The app’s website has a blog that features a list of top books which users are reading. It helps its users to get in a relationship that can last. According to the app’s website, it is ” inspired by love, and guided by authenticity, and Hinge creates meaningful connections among those bold enough to seek real relationships.” (n.d.). Retrieved from https://hinge.co/.

Instead of swiping left or right on pictures, app users get to answer questions and find matches via their replies. Some of the questions may include what book they are reading or series they are watching, who is their favorite singer or band, what is their favorite drink, their go-to dish or comfort food, and so on.

Initially, members had to pay $7 a month for the full feature set. However, things are getting a lot different as it seems to be going on a freemium route. Still, with the introduction of Audrey, things will be a lot more different considering that the smart dating assistant does not come cheap.

The use of an AI or just an assistant may be worth the cash layout. “Hinge” feels that there has to be a price point where people would take the feature. If it delivers a high rate of responses, then it should be worth it. For most people, there is no price for compatibility. This is a value-add to the social media proposition. For those who feel they need help with their conversational skills or who are not comfortable with meeting others of the opposite sex.

For those who have been successful in meeting new acquaintances via social media, this may not be a big thing. The advantage of meeting people through social media is the option to be anonymous. There are some social media apps which are anonymous, and the people can chat and introduce themselves in their own time. Unfortunately, some people just cannot bear to meet people face to face. They may be too shy, may be introverts, or might even just lack the social skills.

On the other hand, some people don’t know what to say online. They may be tactless online, and this might be a turn-off. Social skills are easily lost online without the context of facial gestures and body language. When it is so easy to lose connection, every little help is appreciated.

For a social media dating app, it may be time to give the users help. When you’re on a dating site, and you can’t get a date, something is wrong. Just to prove that the site is not at fault, they need to help their accounts. If this feature gets some mileage, it might also be added to other dating sites. For the app developer, it might take some time to create, but it facilitates more interaction. It also creates a solution to a need or demand which has been left to the users.

With the development of AI for almost all types of intelligent assistants, an AI for a dating site looks like a logical next step. Expect other dating apps and social media to include a form of AI as a new feature.

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