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The cell phone stopped being just a phone sometime when the first music player was included in the package. Since then, there’ve been quite a lot of ways that people bring their music with them. In today’s mobile-first world, there are a lot of ways to bring your music with you wherever you are.

There are apps for a user to bring their music with them on any platform or device, without the need of copying playlists or files. There are also streaming services which bring you the latest songs from popular groups and singers. Along the way, there are also apps which allow the user to create their music that easily. And of course, there are internet radio stations which play the nineties, eighties, seventies or even older song selections.

Beside music player apps, and internet radio stations, here are some apps which should interest you as you expand your musical choices. A broken iPod is no reason to stop listening to your music especially with the different choices for playing your playlist.

1. Spotify

Not all music services allow for the music, album or playlist download. Spotify does that and more. Like other social music sharing service, it is a player, a cloud service, as well as a content provider. It has both a mobile and a web presence which makes it pervasive.

2. is a streaming audio service which looks and feels like a radio station but without the DJ. Lots of users feel that the is a credible source. This is a music sharing website which pushes the boundaries of music. If you like experimenting with music, or you like listening to eclectic music, this is the place to go to.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a social media website which also happens to be where you can create playlists. You can listen to the songs you uploaded, and you can share these songs or playlists to your friends. You can also upload other audio content. There are more than a couple of podcasters who use SoundCloud for sharing their content.

4. Deezer

If you are looking for music suggestions, Deezer is an app you might want to try. It creates a list of song suggestions for your playlist based on the songs, bands, and genre you listen to. That is not too hard to do, but with Deezer, you can have the suggestions at your fingertips ready to play at any time.

5. Shazam

Shazam’s main premise is its music search engine. If you want to find the song based on the lyrics or the music, this is the site to go to. However, it is more than just a search engine. It can also be used to see listening trends. It compiles its charts and presents a top 100 playlist. If you want to explore other musical influences, you should take a look at Shazam’s playlists.

6. Vevo

Vevo is where MTV should have been if it had gone online instead of quitting being a station for music videos. Vevo is also available on YouTube. Vevo is strictly speaking a music video service. This may put a strain on your data plan. However, using music videos helps it maintain top-notch music quality. Even if you have to fix a cracked iPod screen, Vevo still provides music via a solid third-party provider.

7. Pandora

Pandora is a streaming music service which curates radio stations using a proprietary algorithm. It delivers music to the user based on feedback and prior song choice history. It has stayed on the mainstream of streaming music delivering solid choices for its userbase.

8. Tidal

A streaming music service started by Jay-Z and it features a stable of artists who also happen to be part-owners of the service. It also has a premium service with high-quality lossless music. It has been aggressive in maintaining its branding and service.

9. iHeartRadio

Boasting a catalog from more than 450,000 artists, iHeartRadio lives on the volume of music in its library. It has a very wide range of genres for every fan. The services it provides is built on making live audio streaming of radio stations very easy for listeners.

10. iTunes

Apple’s iTunes is one of the most sought or popular music streaming services. It is the standard by which other services measure themselves. It not only has music, but it also has a podcast library, along with other media. If you’re just starting out listening to streaming music on your iPhone, or any iOS device, you should look up iTunes and what it offers. You might not go anywhere else.

If you are a true mobile audiophile, only the need for an iPod battery replacement will stop you from listening to your favorite singers. The above list is not a definitive and it does not take into account other factors like artist preferences and exclusivity. However, it does present a good spread of choices for music lovers.

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