Forgot Your Lock Pattern

1.    Forgot Your Lock Pattern, Here’s A Solution

The Android smartphone comes with a wide array of security features including the more recent fingerprint scanner, however, more often than note, statistics have shown that more people favor the lock pattern because it provides a feel of security in which smartphone users believe they are only able to access.

The lock screen pattern, however, may pose a significant problem should the user mistakenly forget his or her pattern lock, which means, in a bid to prevent others from snooping around on your smartphone, you have locked yourself out. This could be pretty frustrating, and that is why this article is for you.

Should you ever lock yourself out of your smartphone mistakenly or a friend has decided to play on you a cruel joke by looking you out, be rest assured, it is not the end of the world.

However, before delving into how to recover access to your smartphone, it is important to note that before setting up any security lock or feature on your smartphone, you should first of all back up your data to save you from the stress of looking to recover some files which may be lost forever.

To safely do this, access the settings option on your smartphone and proceed to locate Backup and Reset and make sure everything is enabled. This will come in handy and essential, especially for users if smartphones in the HTC One m8 range.

Proceeding to gain access to your device is simple as the Android OS comes packing an inbuilt feature which allows you to bypass your pattern lock should you forget it. In case you are concerned about the security of your device should it be in the hands of a thief, worry not as the developers have sufficiently covered this aspect.

Here’s how to regain access once again:

Enter your pattern, or that which you remember/think is correct five times, after the fifth failed attempt, the smartphone will automatically lock you out for 30 seconds. After this, a button will appear on your screen underneath the pattern grid. The button has been set to read ‘Forgot Pattern,’ tap on the button and you will automatically be asked to sign into your Google mail account and voila, you’re in again.

However, should you have forgotten your Google mail login details, the next available option is to perform a factory reset of your device which will cost you all your data?

The factory reset will erase all data and settings on your smartphone which is why it is advisable to perform the backup task before setting up any security feature on your smartphone.

However, It is worthy to note that this same technique as taught above works in the case of the pin code and password lock screen security.

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