how to fix my iphone battery

How to Fix iPhone Battery

Why does my iPhone Battery Die So Fast? Here is the Real Fix

It is a nagging problem every iPhone aficionados face at one point or the other. iPhone battery zapping fast is one issue users confront and it literally frustrates. A dead smartphone cannot transact businesses, seal deals, remind a co-employee about a last-minute scheduled meeting or chat with a significant other. Here some tips on how to fix iPhone battery.

There have been hacks on how to correct the battery problem and there have been some available guides on how to remedy it. The guides suggest recharging your iPhone fully followed by an iPhone reset. But that is time-consuming and should be one of your last resorts when it comes to fixing battery issues.


Here are few reasons why your iPhone Battery Die so fast

Email Push notifications

When users set up the built-in mail application, push notification is automatically enabled. This feature alerts users in real time when a new mail is received. It is easy to automatically track new messages but this is at the expense if your battery life.

Email Push notifications

Hence, the performance level is low. Email push notifications connect to mail servers every time a user’s data is on. While exchanged data is relatively small during this process, it strains the battery as long as the phone is switched on.

Also, it zaps a lot of data. You can imagine that multiple email accounts set for push notifications can be nightmarish for the battery.

Correcting this is simple with just a click. Go to the email settings and change it to “Fetch”. This option stops your iPhone from constantly querying the email server. Instead, it checks the server at intervals based on the user’s preference. It can be set to check every 15 minutes or hour.

Alternatively, users can turn off the schedule completely and set the phone up for manual fetching. In this case, the iPhone only queries the server when the mail app is accessed. The implication, however, is that you will not receive new mails in real time.

These settings can be found in the settings application. In the “Mail” section, users will have to press on “Accounts” submenu. Before the bottom of the page is the “Fetch New Data” section. To turn off push notifications, switch the “push” toggle to the off position.

Users can then change their Fetch schedule by choosing an option on the bottom of the page. You should do this on how to fix iPhone battery to extend the battery life, this change should be made to every mail account.


Tips on How to Fix iPhone Battery

Turn off Location services

The number one tips on how to fix iPhone battery is to turning on location services, whether the necessary ones or otherwise, can save your battery life well. But it is not the case that turning them off is entirely bad. In fact, this feature is a life saver. Here is how you can reduce the battery drain your phone suffers when the location option is on.

Turn off Location

Go to settings > privacy > Location services then proceed to share my Location. At the bottom click System Services. On that page, turn off everything except Emergency SOS, Find My iPhone (so you can locate if missing) and Motion Calibration and Distance (if you want to use your phone as a pedometer).

The Next step on how to fix iPhone battery is to click Significant Locations. Then turn it off. Each time this option is on, the iPhone tracks every movement. So turning it off will be a great relief on the battery life.

To proceed further click the System Services menu. Then turn off all the options under Product Improvement. The Product Improvement intermittently sends information to merely help Apple improve their products.

Then scroll to the bottom and turn on Status Bar Icon. With that you will know your location is being used when a little arrow appears next to your battery. You might also want to turn location off for apps that do not need to know of your whereabouts.


Geofencing is similar to Maps in that, they both necessarily require you to turn on your location. A purple arrow next to an app means it is using your location at the moment. A gray arrow means the app has used your location within the last 24 hours while a purple-outlined arrow means it is using a geofence.


Geofence uses GPS to inform the iPhone when you leave or arrive at a certain destination. While it runs, sometimes, it causes a notification pop up. Gofence uses a lot of processing power to constantly check a user’s location. So it is always smart to avoid apps that use gofencing to create alerts on your phone.


You should close out your apps

With this tips on how to fix iPhone battery you might ask yourself, don’t apps close when I go back to the home screen? Greta question! And the answer is, no, they don’t. When you leave an app to go to the home screen, it is only suspended and stay loaded in memory so that when you reopen them, you can continue from where you left.

When suspended, apps drain the battery in the background. Then the app crashes in the background. A crashing app can also cause your iPhone to get hot.

If the problem still persists, I suggest to go and seek for cell phone repair shop near you.


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