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Headphone sales are expected to grow a lot faster in the coming years, mainly due to the increase in sales from smartphones and other mobile devices. However, it is hard to find the right headphones, headsets or earbuds to use. If you value a small size, you would most probably be using an earbud with your cell phone.

Choosing the right earbud is not that easy. Unlike headsets which have muffled earpieces, ear buds have to fit inside the ear. Either it sticks inside the ear canal or nestles inside the earlobe. Either way, there is always a question of fit. The earbud may not fit because it is only one size and shape. In contrast, the ear is shaped differently between individuals.

If you are getting frustrated in finding the right earbud, you should check out the tips below. These tips at finding earbuds that fit you perfectly are meant as a guideline, and something to think about. These are not hard and fast rules, but they should make the task easier to do.

Here are some tips to get a perfect fit out of your earbuds.

1. Wear them right.

There is a way to place the earbuds correctly in your ear. You have to place the tip of the earbud into the opening of the ear canal. Then push gently. If there is some resistance, hold your earlobe and pull it downward, this should adjust the ear canal where it widens to allow the earbud in.

Earbuds are supposed to be in-ear and fit tight. The sound is more rounded, and you would hear the solid bass. Unfortunately, you would also not be able to hear anything else. The outside noise gets canceled leaving you in your bubble.

2. One Size Does Not Fit All

Try it out first to check if the earbud fits perfectly. If there is some discomfort or if the buds are too large, you should consider a separate set of silicone or foam tips. These can be easily bought at any cell phone store or audio supply shop.

If you have been asking yourself “where can I get my iPod fixed?” that’s also a place where they would be stocking the earbud tips.

If you cannot find a proper fit for your earbuds, you should head on over to Comply. They manufacture foam tips for earbuds. They have a wide range of sizes to choose from.

3. Secure the buds

There is more than one way of wearing earbuds. It all depends on how active you are when you use them. There are those earbuds which are much loose and should only be worn while walking. Otherwise, when running, try to run the cable over your earlobe. That should help keep the earbud in place, or at least lessen the tug from the cable’s movements.

4. Custom Fit

There are those who have a different shaped ear canal or a different size for that matter. If that was the case, then it may be better for them to have a custom fit or custom designed bespoke earbud.

A company called Normal can create custom fit earbuds without the need for a fitting. Unlike other customized options, Normal has an app which allows you to take a picture of your ear and they would send you the unique earbuds based on the image. This may be an expensive option and can run up to $200.

The use of the earbud is not a life or death situation. However, it does offer one of the best sound experiences around. Most of the high-end earphones are designed to be worn in-ear. There are clear advantages to the design. There are also big disadvantages, specifically, the comfort level. If the earbud does not fit properly, it can be quite painful after an hour or two of wearing these inside the ear.

That is not to say that headphones with the muffled or foam earsets are more comfortable. Wearing large headsets can be a chore. These can be heavy, and the muffler type ear pieces can press hard on the earlobes. Also, the sweating can be inconvenient. It is also a bit funny to think that the headset is larger and heavier than the phone it is connected to.

Listening to music with a Bluetooth wireless earphones can be an expression of freedom. There is no connection between the phone and the earpiece. There is single piece Bluetooth headphones, and of course, there is the Apple AirBud. The market has gone crazy with the innovation.

On the other hand, there are those who would have the traditional design of headphones. Even if these are not connected via a cable, these have become statement pieces. With multiple color options and large logos, these are usually high priced items. There is still the question about the noise reduction and noise canceling capability. These have to be considered, not just the level of the bass or the overall sound quality. It is easier to find a good iPod battery replacement than to find the best headset fitting an individual’s personality.

At the end of the day, the question is what are you willing to have with the expensive price tags of these devices. Not all of the brands offer the best quality sound. There are different approaches in sound reproduction, with one brand touting how robust their sound is, or how the bass has more body. It is still up to the individual’s preferences.

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