Exercise with Workout Apps for Mobile

One great thing which differentiated smartphones from feature phones is the extensibility via apps. If there is a need, there is most probably an app for that. Gym rats know that, as they have been benefitting from a large number of exercise apps.

As a general rule, an app is useful only if there is a distinct need that it can be used for. In the gym, it is mostly to keep score and take notes. Exercising at home, apps act as guide and coaches. Whether at home or in the gym, apps are also useful for monitoring body signs. At some point, it is expected that watches and smartphones would also be able to monitor heart rate and blood pressure, as well as blood sugar levels. If your cellphone does not yet have these capabilities, you should check out new models at your nearest iPhone repair center.

For now, the apps below are some of the best workout apps for mobile.

  1. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. People who do not workout usually give an excuse that they do not have the time to exercise. The Johnson & Johnson Official, 7 Minute Workout, proves that even if you do not have time to exercise, you can still workout. Seven minutes is all you need. Whenever you add the warm up and cool down, it adds up to a total of 11 minutes. You can do this almost anywhere. Usually, the only thing you need is a chair, and you are good to go. One other thing that is great about the 7-minute workout is that you can repeat it several times a day. This is a free app open on both Android and iOS.
  1. Runtastic. Another free app, Runtastic has a simple interface but with advanced features. Its straightforward display shows only what is necessary. It uses your smartphone’s sensors to track data about your workout, including distance traveled, and pacing. It also shows calories burned and heart rate. Other features include a map of your run, as well as a diary. You can take note of lots of things about your run. That usually helps runners get through to see their improvements.
  1. Strava Running and Cycling. This running and cycling tracker is not just a flat piece of monitoring app. It also gamified your workout and made it more motivating. It is not boring. The app is free, but the paid Premium subscription allows access to more features including the capability to create exercise goals and more detailed analytics. If you want to have a continuous record of your achievements, as well as your goals, you can use this to compare with how others are doing. Sometimes, just knowing that you are doing better than others, at least in some states is a welcome inspiration. Don’t forget to take care of your cellphone by adding a screen protector.
  1. Run with Map My Run. This app provides a workout summary showing your distance traveled and speed. It also counts calories burned, and has an elevation profile. Also, it can also control the music, played via your music player, and any incoming calls during your run. You can save workouts and share your achievements with friends directly from the app. If you are bringing your smartphone with you on your run, you should take additional protection with the use of a cellphone case.
  1. StrongLifts 5×5. The 5×5 refers to five sets of five reps of five free-weight exercises. You can do the whole routine of squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and barbell row in a 45-minute workout. The 5×5 strength training program recommends that you have 3 sessions a week. The app tells you which exercise to do, and how long to rest between each of them. Progress is shown via weekly or monthly views. There is also an upgrade for additional workouts for specific body areas.

Keeping track of your achievements is one way to see your progress. In most cases, people quit their workout because they do not see any incremental improvement, getting thwarted that it takes too long to get more fit. For those who make it look easy, it is probably because they like the activity. For the rest of us, we get more fat and unfit because we don’t like to exercise. Sometimes, it seems that the only exercise we get is when we go to a cellphone repair shop. The apps above are meant to motivate and encourage anyone who wants to improve themselves physically.