Eco Friendly Samsung for Earth Day

Eco Friendly cell phone repair

Earth Day is the day we take care of our Planet.

Earth Day is the time of the year where we are reminded that we need to take care of planet… that we need to do something to make Earth a better place. Recycling an old Cellular phone and acquiring a new but recycled and environment friendly phone is a good way to care for the Earth in long-term way.

For Earth Day, we give you a  list of Eco-Friendly Phones out there with some reviews from CNET (all of which are from Samsung, who tops at manufacturing green phones); “We are committed to being an environmentally and socially responsible corporate citizen” said Geesung Choi, President of Samsung’s Telecommunication Business. “We strive to make more products as green as possible to proactively set up and expand a phone recycling system”

Samsung E200 ECO (2008), its whole external case is made from bio-plastic, contains natural plant-based materials extracted from plants.

Samsung E1107 Solar Guru is the first solar powered phone in the market. Samsung has stated that 1 hour of sunlight charging equals to 5-10 minutes of talk time depending on lighting conditions. Aside from being solar powered, it also features an FM radio, a flashlight, a mobile tracker and a 800mAh battery.

The Samsung Blue Earth, which is also known as Samsung S7550 or Samsung GT-S7550 was released last 2009, November. This touch phone is made from recycled plastic culled from plastic water bottles. It has a solar panel at the back (covering 80% of the area). Like the Samsung E1107, features 1 hour of charging += 5-10 minutes talk time, but a conventional rechargeable battery is also provided.

Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate, an android smartphone made with 80% post-consumer waste material which comes with a more efficient charger. It has really fast 4G LTE speeds, a dual core processor, a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 720p HD video.

Samsung Replenish, also an android phone that has a tactile QWERTY keyboard, a decent camera, and a wallet friendly price. Also made from recycled and recyclable material (82% recyclable materials, 34 % recycled plastic housing).

Samsung Evergreen, is comfortable and easy to use, which is made from 70% post consumer recycled plastics and the packaging is 80% post consumer recycled paper. The phone has a unique feature the Energy Star efficient charger, which notifies you when the phone is done charging.

Remember, there are no other planets like ours so far… and while we are living and being taken care of this planet, we should take care of it as well.  Earth day reminds us each year, as we tend to forget that we also have to take care of the Earth that is taking care of us.




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