Easy ways to keep your cell phone working in good condition

damaged-cell-phoneWhether you have your cell phone on a plan, or you bought it unlocked and free from any carrier, the phone is still a significant investment. You have with you a small multi-purpose device which is worth anywhere from $100 to $500 or more, and by any assessment will be used on the average, less than three years. The cell phone itself has a lifespan of at least five years. However, if you have the phone on a carrier plan, it would be fully paid after two years, and it would take time again to buy a new one.

It has become a habit to buy a new phone every two or three years. It does not matter if it is still in good working order, or if has already visited a cell phone repair shop several times. The idea is that now that it is fully paid, you can afford to buy a new phone. This is the same logic for buying a new car every five years: because it has been fully paid.

A cell phone can be in perfect working condition even after five years. There are of course a lot of ways to take care of the phone, each of which might be more expensive than the next. If you want to have the option to keep on using your phone for longer than three years, there are simple ways to do this.

Consider these simple methods of taking care of your phone:

  • Invest in a screen protector. These are cheap add-ons which can be easily attached to the screen. Some manufacturers have free screen protectors included in the cell phone kit. If the phone does not come with a glass protector, you can easily and cheaply buy one and install it yourself. There are cheap plastic protectors, and there are also more expensive Corning Gorilla Glass protectors.
  • Cell phone case. While you are out searching for a glass protector, you should also add a silicone case for the phone. This is a molded silicone case which fits the body of your cell phone. If you cannot find a soft silicone case, you can buy a hardcover instead. Although this is more common for phone/tablet units, there are some hard cases which fit chocolate-bar cell phones. This helps protect against damage due to dropping the phone. It can also give some protection for instances where someone sits on the phone. Take note, however, that the cell phone case can also be damaged, and the cell phone inside along with it.
  • Clean your phone regularly. This is the quickest way to keep your phone in good, if not perfect, working condition. When you use your phone, your sweat and body oils get transferred to the phone’s face (the glass screen). Even with a screen protector, the screen still gets dirty, and the fingers leave a trail of faint smudges. You can clean your phone with a dry microfiber cloth, and you can also use glass cleaning lintless paper on the screen. For dirt and other tough stains, you can use isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloth. The isopropyl alcohol dries almost instantly and is used by professional cell phone repair personnel to clean the inside of the phone.
  • Keep a silica gel near your phone. Better yet, keep your phone in a zip lock plastic bag with a silica gel desiccant. This will ensure that the phone is always dry. It also ensures that no moisture seeps into the phone. Unless you dropped your phone in the shower, or in an aquarium, or under a running faucet, you might not notice that it is wet. To ensure that it is always dry, keep a desiccant where you store your phone. For everyday purposes, this is better than keeping it in a container of rice. Rice is a good cheap desiccant, however, it sometimes still has powdery chaff, and when the dusty rice chaff gets on your phone, it is hard to get this out.
  • Keep the number of a cell phone repair shop. You may not know when you would require the services of a cell phone repair shop. Fixing broken phones or fixing cracked cell phone glass is not the only thing that repair persons do. They can also help in an emergency when you have an accident, and it results in a non-functioning cell phone. If you have gone to their shop before, they might remember your visit, and they can help you with simple problems. If they think that it cannot be fixed over the phone, you would have to give them a visit and have your phone repaired.

The cell phone is a piece of electronic equipment which was designed to withstand normal daily use. However, even normal wear and tear can bring some damage. For instance, batteries which overheat cause the case to expand due to the heat. Damage to the glass can allow moisture to get into the main board. Unless your cell phone is rated as dust-resistant or water-resistant, dust and moisture will seep into the phone.

With proper care, and always knowing where your phone is, you can prevent a lot of kinds of damage, include broken glass, spider web glass, cracked seals, bulging cases, and others. When you experience out of memory issues, or when the phone restarts for no apparent reason, these are symptoms of larger problems. A dirty cell phone is never the culprit. However, the dirt may be a contributing factor to a broken cell phone

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