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Risky Games

Angry birds, Temple run and Candy Crush are just one of the most popular applications that can be downloaded, why? Because they’re fun, addicting and makes sense. That is what app developers aim to make, at least most of them. Some app developers aim to make something completely pointless, or unnecessary.

 Zips Lite

If you like zipping up and down your pants or whatever, you should download Zips. It gets better! You can easily change the underwear behind the zipper to a design of your choosing. A full version of Zips can also be downloaded which allows you to put whatever you want behind the zipper. “yet another useless application for iPhone that we like anyway” – GIZMODO


As the name implies, the app lets your iPhone, iPod and iPad blow out candles, lighter flames or blow herbs away! The app has 40+ YouTube videos from users all over the world. For more air power all you need to do is remove any protective casings.


If digital clocks help us know the time faster, this does the opposite. Solve the mystery of the EnigmaClock so you’ll know what time it is by utilizing touch, tilt and rotation sensitivity. For $0.99

 Bleep Button

If you’re the type of person who isn’t comfortable being around people who use foul words all the time, download Bleed Button. Censor every word using the Bleep Button by being really annoying. This also features 200 films that contain the most F$%#@ words for you to bleep with.

 Taxi Hold’em

Flashes the word TAXI and whistles for you to get a cab. Download this application because not all taxis know the universal signs of calling a cab like raising your thumb up, or just waving at them.

The Most Useless App Ever

The android version does completely nothing except state its function of being the most useless app ever. The iPhone version involves an imaginary friend named Tom, who will encourage you to close the app, put down the device, and get a life. It’s just there.

 But the best one of all is Send Me To Heaven (S.M.T.H)

Apple actually rejected this game to keep you from killing your iPhone. S.M.T.H is a sport application game. One would only need to throw his phone as high as one can, the phone registers the height and uploads to leader boards. Now you can test your throwing and catching skills by playing this game, but risking your phone. The game is actually really creative, because it will depend on the users if they are willing to risk their phones. And don’t worry; it’s free (disregarding the repair fees after)


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