Don’t Fear the iPhone: It CAN Be Repaired

Apple is all about the proprietary nature of its technology, and who could blame them? Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and the other amazing creatives there changed the way we relate to technology and to each other. Apple stores worldwide are proud of their “Geniuses” who are on hand to service the plethora of Mac and i-devices the computing giant sells.

Many consumers, however, have stayed far, far away from Apple’s technology due to the perception that only an Apple employee has been trained to repair an Apple device. Thankfully, this is no longer true. Publications as diverse as Wikipedia and the venerable New York Times have featured step-by-step tutorials on how to repair an iPod, and many others give instruction on how to repair a damaged iPhone as well.

If your Apple product is still under warranty, by all means ship it to the manufacturer or take it to an Apple store. You paid for Apple’s Geniuses, and they will either repair or replace your warranted device.
The emergence of a secondary Apple repair market was born out of necessity. Apple has stores strategically placed in major metro areas, but people can rarely afford the time to travel from the hinterlands to find one. Even fewer people can afford to be without their smart device for a few weeks while it is shipped to Apple for repair or replacement. Unless you are a trained technician, however, we strongly recommend that you not attempt an iPhone, iPad, or iPod repair yourself.

Apple in large part created the need for 24/7 connectivity, and their own supply and service chain interrupts the connection they’ve made us crave. This is one of the main reasons OOW.COM has been in the business of servicing all kinds of devices, including Apple, for over a decade.

OOW.COM guarantees that most repairs to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod can be made for very little money compared to the cost to replace the device, and nearly all repairs can be made within just five days.

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