Name and Logo Origins part two: Samsung and Motorola

Behind the Name and Logo
The name and logo of a company is very important, you have to think about it carefully. The name and logo will be its identification; it’s a representation to whatever business you have. A very well thought of and catchy name will help appeal to the public, if you use something distasteful it may have a negative factor.

Lee Byung-chull founded the company and wanted to establish Samsung as an industry leader in a variety of enterprises (insurance, securities, retail). According to the founder himself, the word Samsung means “tristar” or “three stars”. The word “three” represents something “big, numerous and powerful”; the stars mean eternity. It’s simple as that.
Samsung had 5 different logos beginning with the Samsung Byeolpyo noodles logo in 1938, in the late 1969 the Samsung Group logo, in 1980 the Samsung Group logo (“three stars) replaced in 1992 with the Samsung Electronics logo. The current logo design is intended to emphasize flexibility and simplicity, while conveying a dynamic and innovative image through the ellipse (the symbol of the universe and the world stage). The opening on both ends of the ellipse where the letters “S” and “G” are meant to show that Samsung is connected with the world.
The color blue of the logo, symbolizes stability and reliability, and also stands for social responsibility as a corporate citizen (explained by a company official).

Back in the 1920s it used to be called Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, named after the founder Howard Galvin. The story was after two guys from zenith showed up with a new product, a battery eliminator which eventually led to the company producing car radios. So they needed a new name for this brand new product, and the trend at that time was putting the suffix – “ola” in brandnames (like Crayola, Victola, and Moviola). Thus the word Motorola – motor because their radios were being used in cars.
The brand name was established in 1930, but it wasn’t until 1947 that the name was taken for the company. During that time, the brand name’s logo had a handwritten, cursive look. The logo changed to a bold block lettering when the company took the name officially. In the year 1955, Morton Goldsholl (award winning Chicago graphic designer) proposed a visually strong graphic mark. “It should capture the eye of all observers-consumer, dealer, salesman, casual onlooker, or the most prejudiced company employee… [And] it should have the visual strength to last,” Goldsholl said.
The stylized “M” insignia (emsignia as the company called it) says was born. It featured two aspiring triangle peaks arching into an abstracted “M” symbolizing the progressive, leadership attitude of the company. Motorola has kept the logo to this day.



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