How to Control PC with iPhone


How to turn your iPhone into a keyboard and mouse

The advancements made on technology has gone a long way in helping us in our everyday routines as well as relieving us of the usual stress we go through just to achieve some things during our leisure time. Learn as we provide tips on how to control PC with iPhone.

Sometimes we just want to lay sprawled out on our couch and have things bend to our will with just a flick of our fingers-this might include surfing the net and while using a computer can be cumbersome if you just want to relax, your TV can be your computer for the day.

Yes, with just a simple and affordable cable such as an HDMI or VGA cable, you can easily assume control and access to all internet streaming services on your local hard drive.

Also, while it is obvious that people are comfortable with the conventional idea of using a keyboard for typing and a mouse for controlling the cursor, who’s to say you can’t have taken advantage of technological advancements to assume more control?

Now, with the iPhone mouse app TouchMouse, all you have to do is sit back and relax while you navigate and control PC with iPhone. This operation is a seamless one, and with these few tips, you can easily turn your iPhone into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse as you deem fit.

How to Control your Computer from your iPhone

Install the TouchMouse on your Computer

The Touch Mouse Server is available for all Computers and you can also use the iPhone as a mouse for Mac. All you need to do is connect your PC or Mac to a viable internet provider, download the app and install.

Install TouchMouse on your iPhone


As with the first step, you’d need the app on your iPhone and this is done by downloading the app from the iTunes store.

Connect the two devices via a Hotspot


Simply connect your computer to your iPhone via your phone’s hotspot. Control is ascertained as soon as the connection is made.

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