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Touchscreen based QWERTY BlackBerry Q10 was released way back in April. It’s a pretty good phone with smooth performance, long battery life and a great QWERTY physical keyboard. So here are common problems of the Q10, and tips and solutions from Digitaltrends. This article will discuss the common blackberry repair issues.



This article will discuss Blackberry repair and how to resolve the issues. Overheating is because more power and features are packed into phones which encourage long term or intensive use.
The longer you use it continuously and the more intensive the task, the hotter it will get. There is no way around this, but Use the phone less.
Turn it off, and remove the battery so it can cool faster.
Press and hold the power key up top until the device restarts.

Sometimes a specific app is at fault, most BB Q10 users have a problem with Skype. If that’s the case for you then make sure the app is up to date. If there are no changes, stop using the app and contact the developer to let them know.
Some users have suggested that the overheating is worse in the first couple of weeks and will settle down. If the overheating is persistent without heavy use, and shuts down frequently, report it to BlackBerry repair your carrier, or retailer, and ask for a replacement.

Poor Battery Life
Keep in mind that in the first few days you will be using a new device more than normal and that it will need some extra juice to perform the initial email and social media accounts syncing.
Turn off any features that you aren’t using like, GPS, NFC, data, Wi-FI, Bluetooth, etc.
Sync your email and accounts less frequently.
Turn down your screen brightness and use a black background.
Reduce volume, and turn off vibrate on notifications.

Make sure your Blackberry and apps are fully updated.

Reset by pressing and holding the power button and choosing the restart option, or you could also remove the battery for 30 seconds.
Master reset, for last resort. But before doing so, make sure you have everything on the internal storage backed up and remove your media card to avoid problems. Settings > Security and Privacy > Security Wipe and type “blackberry” in the box then tap Delete Data.
Or contact Blackberry repair, your carrier, or your retailer, and ask for a replacement.

Contacts just display number or don’t appear

Many ran into issues with contact being duplicated, or not displaying in certain apps. When a contact calls only the number appears, with no name or photo.
Turn off contacts syncing from accounts you don’t want to draw contacts from. You can set this up if you go to Contacts app and tap settings.
If you have contacts on your Sim card and you sync them from BlackBerry Protect or a carrier backup app then you will end up with duplicates.
You can link contacts manually by tapping on a contact, selecting the Links icon and then tapping the Add link icon then choose the contact you want to merge and tap Save.

Emails and notifications stop

Some users have complained with email accounts not syncing when they should. Sometimes notifications and calendar events also fail to sync up properly.
Restart the device by holding down the power key and selecting restart.


Some complaints have been about their  Q10 randomly freezing. Sometimes it seems to be related to syncing or BBM, for some the keyboard.
Make sure you have the latest updates via Settings > Security Update.
Hold down power key for several seconds to turn it off. Remove the battery for 30 seconds and put it back in and restart.
Again, it could be one of your apps. Make sure all apps are up to date. But if you notice an issue with a certain app, try uninstalling it.
Master reset; remember to back up all your internal storage before the reset and to remove your Media card.
If nothing resolves the problem contact Blackberry repair, your carrier, or your retailer, and ask for a replacement.

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